3 ultra-trendy men’s eyeglasses this year

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Eyeglasses for men have become real fashion accessories that stylize our clothing looks. Well chosen, they highlight the facial features to be enhanced and personalize our style. What are the eyewear trends for men this year? How did vintage eyeglasses manage to rise to the top of sales? Which glasses to choose according to your face shape? Zoom on men’s eyeglasses and everything you need to know before shopping for a new pair this year!

Men’s eyeglasses: what are the trendiest pairs of the year?

Like every year, we are entitled to a lot of new models and shapes to accessorize our outfits. In 2023, it is the vintage trend which seems to have gained ground with its iconic models borrowed from past years.

To begin with, we see a surge in transparent frames ! These stand out as contemporary and trendy eyeglasses. Far from the models that hide the face, they reveal the expressions and reveal our intentions. Adapted to all face shapes, they can be worn on a round, square or V-shaped face. They are reminiscent of the flagship models of the 80swhich is not very surprising given the success of the eighties this year.

Then come the famous vintage men’s eyeglasses. With their round shapes, they give the audacity to play originality in our looks. They refer to several decades of style. We saw them already in the 70s, then later in the 80s, they were at their peak. Whatever their origin, they mark a truly unique style that rhymes perfectly with modernity. They are selected with a black, amber or scale pattern frame, for example, to pimp up their playful side.

In a much more modern theme, then come the minimalist eyeglasses for men! With ultra discreet and thin frames, they give a little serious side that arouses curiosity. They are refined, townspeople and perfectly punctuate formal outfits.

Which pair of men’s eyeglasses to choose?

Men’s eyeglasses that adapt to the shape of your face

choosing eyeglasses for men

To have a new pair of trendy eyeglasses, you don’t need to break the bank. There are many models of cheap men’s eyeglasses available in the market. You will see that in a specialized store, you will be spoiled for choice on the style to select. What matters is choosing a pair that flatters your face shape.

  • You have a round face ? Bet on models that break the curves by opting for rectangular or square glasses. The finer the frames, the better! You will undoubtedly be able to fall for the minimalist glasses trend or try your hand at more marked styles with thick frames.
  • V face shape ? Again, it’s a pair of thin-framed glasses that will flatter you. They can be rectangular or square!
  • Square face ? The round frame will easily soften your features, think about it! Conversely, if you want to play on the masculine side and accentuate your square features, prefer rectangular glasses or butterfly frames, but always with slightly rounded edges.
  • long face ? Prefer square frames. You can easily fall for emblematic vintage models from the 70s and their structured shapes.
  • Diamond shaped face ? The round models look good on you!

Choose according to your style

transparent eyeglasses men

  • Fan of retro looks ? Go straight for a model of vintage glasses. As we saw above, thin and round glasses are popular this year!
  • In search of a dress frame ? Turn to tortoiseshell frames that have this sought-after timeless and chic spirit or have fun with metallic frames.
  • Rather classic in your way of wearing glasses? Opt for thin and classic neutral glasses that you can wear with everything. Focus on sobriety.

As you can see, the trends are vintage glasses this year. Round shapes, transparent frames, scale prints, we are looking for a chic and retro spirit that can easily blend into our urban looks. The ideal way to find a flattering pair is to try on all kinds of models and frames. Only by wearing them will you be able to realize if it’s a style that suits you. A little tip to know: today there are free online simulators that allow you to try out the models to get an idea! Do not hesitate to try them!

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3 ultra-trendy men’s eyeglasses this year
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