4 tips to have a luscious mouth (lip pencil, care, overlining,..)

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Many women dream of having fuller mouths. Either because they have a small mouth or small lips or because they find it more harmonious for the face, the latter are looking for tips to give volume to the lips naturally. With make-up, grooming and other simple techniques, it’s easy tohave a full mouth.

The lips: an area that we often forget in our beauty routine

Like the rest of our face, our lips are constantly exposed to external aggressions. Cold, wind, sun, pollution, they too can quickly dry out or become dehydrated. The skin of the lips being thin, it is also all the more prone to this with unsightly and disturbing results, such as those of chapped lips, cracked lips, etc. As you will have understood, it is essential to take care of your lips to improve their appearance. And to make them gain in volume with care and make-up, this base is essential!

How to have a luscious mouth?

Lip scrubs

One of the first tips for taking care of your lips is to exfoliate them. Scrubs remove dead skin cells and leave lips soft and smooth. There are also lip scrubs specially formulated for this area. You also have the option of making homemade lip scrubs with few ingredients. Brown sugar, olive oil or coconut oil and voila! Once your wonderful scrub is made, use it to gently massage your lips in circular motions! Once or twice a week is enough to see the effects.

Nourish your lips and protect them

Chapped or dry lips are uncomfortable and often not very pretty to look at. To deal with them, you can use beeswax lip balm. The latter will form a protective barrier on your lips to help them regenerate quickly and become soft again.

Create a luscious mouth with a lip liner and makeup

Here are some simple steps to get the perfect lip makeup in full mouth mode:

  • Start by prepping your lips by exfoliating and hydrating them for a smooth, soft surface;
  • Then apply a lip primer to help set the lipstick and prolong its wear;
  • Use a lip liner for filling. Choose a shade that matches your natural lip color or your lipstick color.
  • Apply your lipstick starting at the cupid’s bow and working towards the corners. Use a lip brush for more precise application;
  • Feel free to blend the edges with a lip brush or your finger for a more natural finish;
  • If you want a shiny finish, apply a touch of gloss or clear lip balm over your lipstick.

Overlining or the art of lip contouring!

lip contour

You’ve probably heard of this makeup trend called overlining. It consists of outline the lips beyond the natural shape of the mouth to maximize the volume effect of the mouth. This technique is done with a simple lip liner. For the result to be natural, just trace 1 or 2 mm above and below, no more. As usual, start the line with the cupid’s bow, ending at the corners of the lips. Finally, if you want a perfect make-up artist trick : apply a small touch of highlighter at the level of the cupid’s bow to highlight the volume of your lips. Be careful, the mine of your pencil must be fine and perfectly sharpened!

4 mistakes to avoid if you want to have beautiful lips

luscious mouth

  • Don’t get into the bad habit of running your tongue over your lips to moisten them if they’re dry. You will only make the dehydration worse;
  • When you go out in the sun, don’t forget to use a moisturizing lip balm with UV sun protection to protect your lips from harmful rays;
  • Be careful when using certain lipsticks or balms. Depending on their composition, they can be aggressive or contain irritating ingredients;
  • Avoid smoking, because although we do not think about it, it contributes to accelerate the premature aging of the lips and that of the wrinkles around the mouth!

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4 tips to have a luscious mouth (lip pencil, care, overlining,..)
Here’s how to have a beautiful luscious mouth with a well-cut and thin lip pencil! From exfoliating scrub to moisturizing balm and…


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