5 manual and creative activities to discover

Manual activities are not only ideal for relaxing, but they also serve to cultivate your creative spirit, reveal your artistic fiber and develop new skills. They allow you to give free rein to your imagination and create works that are both original and significant. The best way to take full advantage of it is to involve your loved ones, after having targeted the creative hobby that interests you. Discover our selection of 5 manual activities to try to stimulate your creativity.

Manual and creative activity: treat yourself to a paint-by-numbers kit

Ideal for developing your creativity while relaxing, painting by numbers is an artistic activity allowing you to make paintings of various motifs. It consists of coloring a pre-printed canvas with small numbered areas. A specific color is assigned to each section to be painted, thus making it possible to obtain a unique design or pattern. If you are interested in this manual hobby, do not hesitate to buy a paint-by-numbers kit at an arts or crafts store.

The pack generally consists of brushes of different sizes, pots of acrylic paint and a pre-printed canvas illustrating a theme of your choice (landscape, romanticism, animals, animated characters, etc.). You will also find a thumbnail photo that serves as a visual reference for the realization of your work. A frame is also available as an option to facilitate the display of your painting on a wall or surface of your choice.

For succeed in your painting by art number, simply unbox your kit and arrange the coloring pots according to the numbers mentioned on the pre-printed paper. Then paint the canvas, matching colors and numbers. Once your artistic creation is complete, you can compare the final rendering with the thumbnail photo provided in the purchase kit. Make any corrections before exhibiting your work in a room of your home (living room, hallway, main entrance, etc.). In addition, you can offer your painting to a loved one to create memorable memories.

Test the creative diamond embroidery

creative diamond embroidery

Also referred to as diamond painting, diamond embroidery is a relaxing manual activity allowing you to create an original wall decoration. Can be carried out with family or friends, this pastime consists of the use of colored crystals to create beautiful relief patterns. It allows you to develop your artistic flair while enjoying pleasant moments of relaxation with your loved ones.

To try this artistic hobby, you will need a complete diamond painting kit which includes diamond-shaped rhinestones, pliers and numbered adhesive canvas. This comes in formats ranging from 20×30 cm to 80×100 cm, which allows you to define the size of your painting. You also have the choice between several illustrations to embroiderwhether portraits, images of landscapes, representations of animals, etc.

It is also possible to make a personalized diamond embroidery from a photo highlighting your orange pants for women or your tulle dress. Simply order your custom kit by importing your image on a specialized platform. Once the diamond painting pack has been purchased, start by familiarizing yourself with the correspondences between the symbols and the colored crystals. Then use the tweezers to place the diamonds in each corresponding area on the sticky canvas. Repeat the process until you get a canvas with multicolored highlights. Don’t forget to frame your artistic creation in order to put it on your wall or to offer it to a loved one.

Get into cross-stitch embroidery

cross stitch embroidery

Looking for a manual activity to relax, express your creativity and create beautiful decorative pieces? Let yourself be tempted by cross-stitch embroidery. This is a timeless creative hobby that involves creating aesthetic patterns using colored threads. The practice of this creative art requires the purchase of a special weaving cloth on which are provided small boxes to embroider.

You will also need cotton threads of different colors, a needle, a drum, as well as an embroidery diagram. So start by fixing the canvas in the embroidery hoop or frame, then thread the needles taking into account the colors indicated on the diagram. Then make cross stitches, contours of the support inwards, making horizontal and vertical seams in each box.

Depending on your artistic project, you can weave flowers, landscapes, as well as geometric shapes on your board. In addition, it is possible to create original patterns on your everyday accessories: cushions, pouches, key rings, etc. You can also customize your designs using design software or adapting existing illustrations. Cross-stitch embroidery is a self-expression activity that is accessible to adults and children alike. It is a form of art therapy that stimulates concentration, relaxation, self-confidence and motivation.

Discover the punch needle, an interesting manual activity

punch needle

The punch needle is an embroidery technique that allows you to make embossed patterns on fabric. Using a needle, you need to prick the back of the fiber and create loops there. As we weave, a predefined pattern is formed on the front of the textile material. To make your punch needle project a success, we advise you to buy the appropriate supplies, in this case:

  • a magic needle, “pic-pic” or to punch,
  • an embroidery hoop,
  • wire rolls,
  • a fabric having a tight weft.

Do not hesitate to be assisted by an experienced knitter to familiarize yourself with the basic techniques of this manual activity. The craftswoman will teach you how to work on a variety of fabrics (cotton, linen, stretch, etc.) and how to create many decorative pieces: rugs, cushions, canvas, etc. The punch needle also allows you to make fancy jewelry and personalize your fashion accessories such as clothing, trendy laces or bags. This manual and creative activity is accessible from the age of 8.

Creative hobbies: have fun with the 2D wooden puzzle

2D wooden puzzle

If you are looking for a manual activity that will test your patience, your sense of observation and your creativity, try 2D wooden puzzles. They are indeed made from small pieces of wood that you have to put together to form patterns or images. Whether you enjoy geometric shapes, landscapes, cartoon characters, artistic illustrations, or animals, you’ll find 2D puzzles to suit your needs.

The level of difficulty of this type of game generally varies according to the number of pieces, the shapes and the details of the images. We therefore advise you to buy them according to your sense of logic and your cognitive abilities. Do not hesitate to involve your friends in solving the 2D wooden puzzle in order to benefit from their ideas or talents, to add an interactive dimension to the experience and to create a friendly atmosphere. It’s also an opportunity to challenge yourself, compare your results and create shared memories. Once all the pieces of the 2D wooden puzzle are assembled, you can frame the final rendering and integrate it into your interior decoration.

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