5 So-Now Reasons For Breaking Up With Someone

Love is supposedly a “many splendored thing”, but it’s pretty darn fickle too in this day and age. Relationships have evolved from “seeking my happily ever after” to “we swiped right on tinder so let’s hang and see where it goes”.  It’s a given that when relationships are begun on such tenuous threads, they usually have a shorter shelf life. We’re also a pretty “my-way-or-the-highway” generation, which means we buck at the first signs of incompatibility. Admit it! We’ve all had strange, sometimes inexplicable, sometimes wholly valid reasons for breaking up with someone.

Check out our list of the most common break-up reasons –

1. Its not you, its my career baby! : Sometimes you just have to put your career first, and there’s just no time for Mr/Ms Maybe Right. It hurts as hell, sure, but if you’re in that “let me make something of myself first” frame of mind, it’s probably for the best. For both of you.

2. Justin Bieber? Seriously? : You may ignore his predilection towards death metal and he may look amused at your Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood shower renditions for a bit, but after a point it just becomes grating. It may sound ridic to some of you, but you’ll be surprised at how many couples break up due to incompatible music tastes these days.

3. You Just Don’t Look The Same: As shallow as this reason is, it does happen. Some people realize after a period of time that their partner has suddenly gained weight or they just aren’t attracted to them anymore. It’s best to end a relationship, if you’ve “lost that lovin’ feeling”.

4. Under The Duvet:  Good looks and charisma may be enough to get started, but if you’ll don’t click well in bed, it’s a good reason to end the relationship before it gets too serious.

5. You Expect Me To Eat That? Yes, it’s sad but true. Couples seem to be ending their together-time due to the whole vegetarian-non-vegetarian divide. In the long run, we supposed similar dietary habits go a long way, but really guys? Surely there’s a work-around somewhere.


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