6 tulle dresses that make us dream

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Cradled by fairy tales, we learn from an early age to dream of being a princess. As we grew up and that sweet dream slowly faded away, we are still amazed by tulle dresses. These iconic princess castle dresses, divinely beautiful, are however not common in our daily lives. Generally, when they are taken out, it is for a beautiful occasion such as a ball outfit, a cocktail outfit or a guest outfit at a ceremony. How to choose your tulle dress ? What are the most fashionable models and how to wear them? Zoom on a style of dress that has not finished making us dream!

Coachella-style sheer black tulle dress

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We have already talked about it in an article, this season, it is the transparency trend in ready-to-wear. Also, it is not surprising to see the transparent tulle dress land on the catwalks of Fashion Week. Black or more rarely whiteShe of an absolutely formidable glam rock chic. At the same time very feminine and very trendy, it is a daring dress that can be worn only in the evening or for festivals. In summer, it also adapts in a sexy beach dress worn over a bathing suit Or in rock chic evening wear over black denim shorts and a crop top. It will be perfect for a Coachella look this year or for spending evenings on the beach in St Tropez!

The slinky tulle dress bomba latina version

bodycon tulle dress

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Do you want a look à la JLo where you will inevitably get noticed? Opt for the ultra sexy slinky flocked tulle dress ! Black in a very refined version or pink in a more babydoll version, it will be a sensation if you are comfortable with your curves. You don’t have to be cold-eyed to wear it, but assumed, it will be a formidable ally for going out in the evening!

The long tulle dress

long tulle dress


It is the undisputed star of guest wedding outfits. It serves as a sublime dress for bridesmaidsto wedding witnesses and anyone who wants a refined princess look. Pink, water green, sky blue, Parma, it is generally adopted in romantic pastel shades to push the style to the limit Princess dress. Good news for us, it exists in endless cuts, from the sublime long tulle dress with bare shoulders to the long pink tulle dress with asymmetric shoulders. Each woman will therefore be able to find the one that best suits her morphology. Of course, she only accessorizes with high heels and a sequin clutch bag to complete her Cinderella look!

End of the year ball, society event to which you are invited, classy cocktail ? The long tulle dress is made for you, don’t miss it!

Carrie Bradshaw-style puffy tulle dress

puffy tulle dress

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Here is the most romantic princess dress! In a short or long and puffy tulle dress version like a dress worthy of fairy tales, it is simply to die for! Choose it in bustier mode or with fine lace shoulders that fall slightly on the armsand it will be even softer and more delicate to wear!

The incredibly romantic balloon-sleeved tulle dress

balloon sleeve tulle dress


You look for a christening outfitwedding guest, garden party ? You want adopt the tulle dress in everyday life to go to work or go out? Here is the version you need, the romantic short tulle dress with balloon sleeves. In cream color And openwork with floral details, embroidery or plumetisit will be really easy to wear with rock boots in everyday life (and a perfecto) or beautiful heeled sandals for your dressier outfits!

The bridal tulle dress

bridal tulle dress


We end with the sumptuous bride who dreams of a princess wedding! What other more obvious choice for her than the white tulle wedding dress ? Available in infinite cuts, each as majestic as the next, it has something to sell dreams to brides-to-be. As long as you have tanned skin the day you wear it and you are even more sublimated by the purity of its noble fabric.

In conclusion

The women’s tulle dress is an exceptional dress that is often worn for a ceremony or a formal event, such as a ball or a social cocktail party. However, it can be adopted in the city or in summer fashion for a coachella-style glam rock look or in a romantic and bohemian version with floral tulle.

And you then, what do you think? Does this pretty dress make you dream as much as we do? Have you ever worn one?

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6 tulle dresses that make us dream
The tulle dress is undoubtedly one of the most romantic dresses there is. With its noble fabric, it dresses with elegance and purity.
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