6 ultra trendy beach outfits in 2023

Dressing for the beach? You may be thinking, what a funny idea! However, at the beach, it is sometimes very practical to have a little outfit to put on. If like us, you like to stay chic or trendy in all circumstances, this article will interest you! Today, we are talking to you about the little ones women’s beach wear which are making a splash this year. What are they ? Can you create them with pieces you already have in your wardrobe? So many questions on which we lift the veil!

Crochet beach dress


We have already devoted an article to the beach dress on the blog. Today, we are going to tell you about a very specific model that is a hit this year: the crochet beach dress. You have surely seen it, the hook is everywhere. In tops, skirts, sets, bobs, it’s the new festival trend to adopt. On a colorful dress, it is perfect for going to the beach in casual fashion. Because yes, even if it enjoys a picky style lately, crochet remains a rather relaxed subject in the collective unconscious. On the feet, the playa version crochet dress goes perfectly with pretty mules or wedge mules!

Oversized shorts and shirt set

chic beach outfit

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This is the outfit of trendy fashionistas and girls! In color or in a minimalist version for a style white or cream dressy beachwearTHE oversized shirt and high waisted shorts combo works wonderfully! A few tips for adopting it while maintaining maximum comfort: choose it in linen and in a total matching look of course. Linen is breathable and light, and it’s the linen trend everywhere in ready-to-wear this year! In other words, you will understand, we avoid the mismatched top and bottom ! Do you have a set of the same color as your swimsuit? It’s great, but it’s not an end in itself. To pimp it all up, go with your XXL crochet bag under the arm as a beach bag and your jellyfish shoes on feet (not to be confused with fisherman shoes)! I was going to forget the oversized glasses on the tip of the nose, and voila!

The long beach kimono

long beach kimono


The timeless kimono is no longer just the trendy accessory for the coachella festival, it can also be worn on the beach. With shorts underneath or over your jersey, all in simplicity, it’s the beach chic look to try! Incredibly feminine and refined, it covers just enough to be comfortable and move around!

The oversized shirt

chic beach look


It’s not only in the city that you can look like a chic Parisian with your oversized shirt. At the beach too, it works wonderfully! White, blue, striped, it’s up to you which style you prefer. Obviously, in white, it gives an incredibly sophisticated look. You do not have any ? Steal one discreetly from Monsieur, it’s just as trendy!

White or cream beach pants

trendy beach pants


The women’s white beach pants are a safe and modern choice to be dressed with style and relaxation at the beach. You can choose it in lace or of course to be right in the trend in linen pants white or cream. Preferably high waisted, it is more stylish in a wide or palazzo version because it gives a bohemian style!

Fashion advice so you don’t miss out: it can be worn solo with its two-piece swimsuit top. We can sublimate it with a scarf-type head accessory to give it an ever more bohemian chic style.

The crochet bag: trendy accessory for the beach

crochet beach outfit bag


Let’s finish with the perfect accessory that will punctuate any modern beach outfit this year: the adorable crochet bag! Once accepted that we will see through everything you have decided to take, you will only see his spirit connected. He gives an effortless style ideal for accessorizing your beach outfit. White, brown, black, it comes in endless minimalist or colorful versions. Whether you’re more bohemian, chic or BCBG, it’s a master key for this summer 2023, do not delay in adopting it. Be careful, do not take small things or thin objects with you that could pass through.

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6 ultra trendy beach outfits in 2023
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