7 basics of the winter wardrobe to have in your dressing room

The winter wardrobe has its essentials just like the summer wardrobe! So what are these warm clothes and accessories that you can’t live without? What timeless pieces to choose to keep warm over the winters passing ? Here are 7 must-haves to shop urgently!

The Irish Sweater

The most cocoon sweater of our winter, it’s him! With its cream color, cable knit and wool material, the Irish sweater warms up our wardrobe with elegance and purity. It’s timeless and a real ally when it comes to dressing in style when it’s zero degrees. We put it on with jeans, with a little leather skirt, with leather leggings or a pencil skirt, it’s simple, it goes with everything. To adopt it at the office, wear it over a shirt with the collar and sleeves sticking out in a falsely casual look.

The cashmere sweater

basic women's winter wardrobe

Even though it is more expensive than some sweaters, the women’s cashmere sweater is a must-have. Its exceptional wool is as soft as it is pleasant to look at. In terms of warmth, it has nothing to envy to the others. Its classic spirit never goes out of fashion, as well as it can be brought out every year like the very pretty, timeless and quality models from Damart. If you cannot afford it, you can turn to the cashmere scarfas effective and beautiful as the sweater to wear!

thermal underwear

They are as essential as sweaters, especially if you are chilly! Thermal underwear is warm clothing that we wear under our jackets, sweaters and blazers. It is the underlay that brings a few extra degrees for maximum comfort. Many are those who cannot live without it! Among the most essential, the camisole or long-sleeved thermolactyl t-shirt from Damart, an essential part of our winter wardrobe. In perfect insulating, the thermal undergarment can be a tank top, an under-sweater, a T-shirt. It doesn’t matter, what matters what it is ultra warm !

The streetwear beanie or hat

woman beanie

To keep warm from head to toe in winter, we use fashion accessories. Not only do they pimp up our looks, but they ensure our comfort for the day when we have to set foot outside. This year, trendiest of all headwear, it’s the hat! Very fashionable to bring a touch of character to our outfits, it adapts to all styles (or almost). With or without pompoms, we choose it in wool for maximum warmth !

Those who want something covering but more sophisticated, can go straight for the hat trend. A winter capeline, a Fedora hat, a stuffed bucket hat, there are many models that offer a dressier style than the beanie.

The wool sweater dress

Abandon your dresses on the pretext that it is too cold in winter? There is no question. The fashion ally that combines comfort and femininity, it’s the wool sweater dress. It is not only very trendy, but it is incredibly comfortable to wear. Again, it’s a timeless that we can bring out year after year. Only the details change, such as belting it or choosing it with or without a turtleneck.

The very warm and waterproof parka

If there is nothing more sophisticated than a beautiful wool coat, the parka is also an essential that you must have in your wardrobe. It can be used in more circumstances than the coat, and especially if you are going for the weekend in the countryside or in the mountains. The parka is good warm and thick. It protects against the cold, but also against wind, snow and rain! When it comes to windbreakers, it can’t compete with the wool coat, that’s a fact!

Bonus for this fashion piece: it is still as stylish over the years. It is adopted in the city as in the countryside. Not to mention its very warm hood that covers us from unpleasant drafts on the head and at ear level.

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7 basics of the winter wardrobe to have in your dressing room
Discover the basics of the winter wardrobe for women so that you will never be cold again. Beanie, parka, cashmere sweater and others are timeless and.

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