7 Essential Pitfalls for Short Men to Steer Clear Of At All Costs!

Don’t let your height define your style!

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It’s hard enough trying to manage life as a short man without having to worry about committing fashion faux pas. Despite the ever-growing trend of body positivity, the short stature of many men can still make fashionable dress sense a struggle. However, there is a selection of fashion mistakes to look out for that should be avoided at all costs.

In today’s fashion climate, there are seven pitfall in particular that many short men should steer clear of.

First, avoid wearing boxy clothing such as over-sized tops or jackets, as this will make you appear much shorter than you actually are, adding bulk where there isn’t any. Instead, it is best to opt for clothing that is slim-fitting and tailored to give the impression of a more elongated shape.

Second, aim to wear trousers that cut off just above the ankle, rather than long sprawl pants, as this can make the legs look disproportionately small. Similarly, high waisted trousers should be avoided in favour of waistlines that sit no higher than mid-hip.

Thirdly, always ensure you are wearing the correct fitting shoes. Poor fitting footwear can make feet appear smaller, and so looking for well-structured shoes with a slightly thicker sole is key to ensuring a good fit.

Fourth, wearing a belt is a great way of drawing attention away from the waistline and onto the feet, but should be worn at just the right height. Waist-hugging karate belts should be avoided and instead be replaced with an option that sits around four centimetres below the belly button.

Fifth, opting for plain coloured clothing can often be a good option, as it prevents vast amounts of attention from being drawn away from the figure. Bright colours or dramatic patterns can sometimes look overwhelming on a small stature and dominate the outfit.

Sixth, vertical stripes can be a great addition to any outfit as they serve to lengthen the frame, whereas too much horizontal stripes just adds breadth rather than height.

Lastly, choose v-necked shirts that extend past the mid-chest line, as shorter shirts can shrink the neckline and make it appear much higher.

Although it may take some experimentation, it is possible for short men to dress fashionably and with confidence. By taking note of these seven pitfalls, it can ensure the clothing always fits correctly, and the individual looks and feels amazing.

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