7 golden rules for dressing vintage women (and men)!

We now know that the vintage style is fashionable! Yes, with the return of the eighties, nineties and the 2000s, iconic pieces from past decades are raining down on our wardrobes. The sixties and seventies are also decades of choice to dress. And it’s not the fashion designers who will say the opposite. Vintage has become bankable, it is a real trademark for some, an asset of charm and authenticity that is good to wear! In short, dressing vintage for women or men is great, but it’s always a bit risky. Unless you have a perfect command of fashion codes, you must know some rules for dressing vintage without seeming to have gone back to the past. Because indeed, if vintage is good, you have to know how to use it sparingly or bring it up to date with our current trends.

Choose your era

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Vintage fashion is very eclectic. It goes from the 50s to the 2000s with various prints, cuts and colors. Mixing different eras is a mistake that should not be made. It’s like everything, you have to choose your side and therefore choose your vintage clothing style! Are you a fan of the movement flower power ? Do you have Saturday night fever in you? Do you love Cristina Aguilera-style teenage looks? Each decade has its codes and key pieces! So start by determining the era that best suits your personality.
If you like vintage as a whole, it is quite possible to have pieces from different eras in your wardrobe. The only thing is thatthey must not be mixed in a look or else it must be done with great taste ! A small example to help you: you cannot wear parachute pants with a Peter Pan collar blouse. There would be a slight lag problem. A crop top and flare jeans, on the other hand, work just fine. So it’s all about judgment. Anyway, if you’re not sure what you’re getting into, don’t mix two vintage styles in one look.

Start by shopping for timeless

Again, before throwing yourself headlong into a total Olivia Newton John look, first buy a basic biker jacket that you can coordinate with everything. Here are some examples of must-have vintage fashion pieces to choose from:
  • The 90s oversized denim jacket;
  • The 80s structured shoulder blazer;
  • The crop-top and slim jeans for the 2000s;
  • The velvet pants and the flare cut for the seventies;
  • A trapeze dress;
  • A pleated midi skirt;
  • A white blouse;
  • Carrot pants;
  • Derbies, moccasins, etc.

Vintage yes, but sparingly!

Having a vintage look is certainly bold and trendy, but be careful not to turn into old-fashioned. The total pin up look in the evening risks giving you the appearance of being disguised. The golden rule for nail your vintage look is of choose ONE iconic retro piece in their outfit. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary mix it with modern or timeless cuts so as not to be in the fashion faux pas.

What style of vintage clothing for teenagers?

This year, for a superb teenage vintage style, we cracked on the Y2K trend. Low-rise pants, crop-tops, costume jewellery, nothing like the barbiecore style to find your voice!

Dress vintage when you’re a man

men's vintage look

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Unlike women, men should be wary of vintage style. At the very least, they have to master it perfectly. Vintage materials, tweed blazers, checked shirts, you have to stay in control without getting old.
Some vintage styles for men are easier than others to explore. We can for example start with pieces like the jacket, which we come to wear on a fitted shirt and raw jeans with beautiful city shoes. You can also try wearing suspenders or a vintage men’s hat for a sophisticated style. A Peaky Blinders style, for example, will be perfectly relevant. On the other hand, pay attention to the styles of the 90s which require dexterity in the art and the way of wearing the oversize, the daring colors, etc.

Where to buy vintage clothes?

The great thing about vintage is that it’s not meant to liquidate our portfolio. Against the current of fast fashion, it allows us to start again on pieces already worn. We can also start snooping on the side of the remnants of our parents’ wardrobe to find pretty nuggets. There second hand sale and the thrift stores are also great places to find beautiful pieces at low prices.

Fashion tip: approach vintage through prints, cuts or accessories

vintage outfit tips for women

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Vintage can be approached in many ways. The vintage print, for example, is a perfect accessory for working on your looks. Vichy checks, polka dots, leopard, tartan, this is what type of vintage prints to turn to!
The cuts are also valuable indicators. The midi cut, the pleated skirts, the timeless Claudine collar, the bardot top, the carrot pants, there are cuts that are inspired only by retro and which are perfectly fashionable year after year.
Finally, you can also choose to complete your modern look with vintage accessories. Antique jewelry, hats, vintage shoes, vintage handbags, one piece is sometimes enough to set the tone for an outfit!
So, what do you think ? Did this article help you see things more clearly? Do you feel ready to test the vintage mood in your next outfits?

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