8 trendy look ideas with pink pants for women

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If the pink pants are a taboo piece for some, it’s a stylistic piece for others! Yes, pink, we agree, you have to dare it. However, well worn and accessorized, the pink pants are downright trendy. It knows how to be discreet but distinguished in pale or original shades or captivating and trendy in a fuchsia pink version. One thing is sure, to adopt it, you have to have a good eye and taste and know how to wear it? To know everything about the art and the way of wear pink pants for women, it’s this way. Fashion tips and look ideas to inspire you!

What to wear pink pants with?

Fuchsia pink pants with a green top

It is an association that matches perfectly. Of course, here, if you do not want to be spotted, you have to go your way. The colorful look is explosive in color and ultra punchy and vibrant.

We start with high-waisted fuchsia pink dress pants. It can be classic suit pants, wide pants, carrot pants or palazzo pants. For the top, we opt for a pretty, very pronounced green. An emerald green t-shirt, a beautiful green blazer fir tree or an oversized khaki blazer and a water green top. The darker it is, the more it gives a worked outfit.

The fashion tip to punctuate your look with a fashionable touch: the pink handbag accessory or the trendy pastel sneakers with wedge soles!

Women’s pink pants and printed t-shirt

women pink pants

Second look to try: the pink pants in the shade of your choice (personally, we recommend that you go straight with a pronounced shade) and the printed t-shirt! Rock t-shirt to contrast the barbie girl style, graphic print T-shirt, t-shirt with childish prints, you can even dare to wear a fancy t-shirt. The idea is to desecrating the wearing of pink pants by transforming them into a trendy fashion piece. Of course, we don’t forget the mini-format handbag that completes the outfit with a pretty black, pink or red leather handbag for the most daring!

Women’s velvet pink pants and pointed pumps

women's pink velvet pants

The pink velvet pants for women, we have already devoted an article just to him on our blog. It must be said that it is a bit THE retro chic piece, par excellence, to shop this year. Ultra seventy with its flare cut, it is worn in smooth or corduroy, always with a high waist to structure the silhouette. We have fun with retro sweaters or tops. We wear it with grey, stripes, jeans, anything that could retain that feminized vintage vibe. On the other hand, on the feet, there is no room for doubt, we draw distinguished pointed pumps! In this outfit idea, make way for softness and discreet shades. The pink is a candy or pastel pink, we leave out the overly assertive pinks that jump out at you.

Pink pants with polka dot top or leopard top

womens light pink pants

The very essence of pink reminds us of vintage looks. Also, to give it all the desired style, you might as well go all out with vintage prints that still have their place in our contemporary wardrobes. For this, nothing beats associating pink pants and leopard jacket Or pink pants and polka dot top. The accessories will come to finalize the whole with beautiful vintage glasses, a retro handbag or ultra-dressy pumps. Again, as we opt for a printed top that catches the eye, we prefer to soften the outfit with soft light pink pants.

Pink pants and red top

pink pants and red top

No, Carrie Bradshaw is not the only one who can dare this kind of association! ” Girls run the world ยป, remember! Remind him in the eyes of the world with this bold colorful look. Not only is it brilliant, but it’s full of good humor and joie de vivre!

white top and pink pants

wide pink pants


Pink and white is the guarantee of a classy and sophisticated outfit. It works with all tops and especially basic white t-shirts, classic or oversized white shirts and white blouses.

Black top and pink pants

pink pants and black top


Black goes with everything, that’s a fact. With pink, it is simply perfect and discreet. Top with spaghetti straps, crop-top, black blazer, oversized black T-shirt, fitted black T-shirt, black lace blouse, there isn’t a single black piece that can’t match with large high-waisted pink pants and stylish sneakers!

Plus size pink pants: should we dare?

plus size pink pants


You are not afraid to attract attention and assume your curves fully? Embrace the beauty of pink pants for plus size women. Don’t be afraid and just dress the way you want. Feminine shoes and trendy accessories will enhance your look to make you shine !

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8 trendy look ideas with pink pants for women
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