9 trendy and symbolic bracelets for men

Bracelets adorn men’s wrists with great elegance and presence. They also carry strong meanings for some of them. These trendy and meaningful jewels are first choice gifts for men. Which ones to choose in jewelry? X trendy bracelets that make sense to offer a man.

natural stone bracelet

With amber, it is all the natural elements that are honored on trendy men’s bracelets. In particular natural stones: tiger’s eye, moonstone, onyx, lava stone…

Besides being remarkably pretty to look at, each delivers virtuous properties : courage, calm, soothing headaches…

The amber bracelet

The amber bracelet

The amber bracelet for men seduces with its pretty nuanced colors of orange and brown. We are talking about honey amber and cognac amber; tones that easily match all styles and looks.

Its appeal also comes from the properties attributed to amber in lithotherapy. A symbol of light and eternal youth, fossilized resin delivers anti-inflammatory properties, in particular on the ENT sphere, boosts the immune system, stimulates the solar plexus. A physical well-being that reflects on the psychic level, with boosted self-confidence, better concentration and more joy in life.

Amber bracelets for men demonstrate a strong attachment to his person, the will to take care of him.

Bracelets in amber plates, bracelets in amber beads, amber beads mounted on cord bracelets or leather bracelets… the choice of amber bracelets for men is vast. What to find the jewel that will best suit the tastes and personality of the one to whom it will be offered.

The leather strap

men's leather cord bracelet

Leather is widely used in jewelry for making men’s bracelets. This type of bracelet has been meeting its public for a long time, and it is experiencing a real plebiscite this year.

Leather bracelets for men are very robust. They were once part of the uniform of Spartan soldiers and other warriors, providing protection and revealing rank. Still, they remain associated with virility, security, and an assertive, assumed style.

Leather is worked with different materials to make very stylish jewellery: thin cord bracelets, braided leather bracelet, multi-row bracelets, double-wrap bracelets…. The leather bracelet for men comes in different colors and widths.

It is self-sufficient but can be associated with other essential elements in jewelry, such as steel.

The steel strap

men's steel bracelet

The steel bracelet is a great success in jewelry. This material now competes with gold and silver.

Stainless, this jewel combines solidity and modernity. In a refined style, worked like a cord, timeless worked in links, or worked in a more original way in coffee beans, steel jewelry leaves no one indifferent.

Steel goes perfectly with stones, leather, pearls, textiles…

The engraved bracelet

men's engraved bracelet

If the bracelet does not rise to the top of the trendiest men’s jewelry, the personalization of bracelets remains very current.

The medallions or the metal parts of the bracelet can be engraved on request. Initials, drawing, words of love, date are the most requested to surprise a man with a personalized bracelet.

The charm bracelet

The men's charm bracelet

The men’s bracelet dares to use charms, these charms that evoke passions or strong memories. The charm makes the bracelet sentimental, evoking common memories or the good knowledge of the personality of the one who receives it as a gift by the one who offers it, to touch his heart.

The wooden bracelet

men's wooden bracelet

The wooden bracelet uses noble essences to make original and durable jewelry.

Offering such a bracelet to a man will strike his chord with environmental issues. It is also a way of showing him the will of a lasting relationship. Because the wood is robust: it acquires a patina over time, without being damaged.

The bi-material bracelet

steel leather strap

Trendy men’s bracelets rely on the combination of several materials. They mingle with each other in elegant, matching and remarkable combinations. Something to also combine the hidden meanings of these noble materials.

Various combinations are particularly appreciated, such as leather and steel or even wood and steel.

The multi-row bracelet

The multi-row bracelet

The fashion is to wear a massive, imposing bracelet or an accumulation of bracelets on the wrist. The multi-row bracelet makes it possible to bring the trendy volume in a single jewel.

This type of bracelet can bet on several similar rows, in particular pearls, or have several styles in one: a row of pearls, a curb link row, a cord row for example.

Offering such a bracelet to a man resolutely registers him as a modern, chic person with an assumed personality.

All very stylish but with their own unique elegance, men’s bracelets are excellent gift ideas. Far from being common, this type of present is ideal for sending a message to the person to whom it is offered. Because trendy jewelry carries meaning.

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