Brewer’s yeast for hair: benefits

Did you know the interest of brewer’s yeast to have pretty nails? Discover its benefits on the hair! Yes, in hair care, brewer’s yeast works miracles! How to use it and what to expect? We take stock!

What exactly is brewer’s yeast?

Brewer’s yeast is a single-celled organism that belongs to the fungus family. It is used in the beer fermentation process and is often available in powder or flake form. Rich in essential nutrients, it is very interesting for the growth of hair and nails. Indeed, it is attributed many beneficial properties thanks to its high in B vitamins, protein and minerals.

You may not know it, but vitamins like biotin, are essential to our hair. They are what strengthen our hair structure.

4 Benefits of Consuming Brewer’s Yeast for Hair

You will see that there are plenty of benefits to taking brewer’s yeast for your hair. All year round or as a good habit to take for the start of the school year to take care of your hair, you can start supplementing it at any time of the year!

Faster hair growth

Many women are looking to grow their hair naturally faster. Brewer’s yeast is the perfect solution. Indeed, she will come promote hair growth. By stimulating the synthesis of keratin as it does, the hair grows faster, while being fortified. It is in particular thanks to the vitamin B8 contained in brewer’s yeast that growth will be stimulated. Besides, if you are losing your hair a lot, always ask yourself if you don’t have a vitamin deficiency.

Fortified hair that no longer breaks

Brewer’s yeast strengthens the hair fiber. As we know, our hair is essentially made up of keratin. When they run out, they become brittle, break faster and are duller. In other words, by consuming brewer’s yeast, itself a keratin synthesizer, you will repair your hair ! You will see that your hair will quickly be thicker and stronger. No more brittle hair around the forehead or damaged ends.

Hair protected from external aggressions

The beach, the sea salt, the chlorine from the swimming pool, the wind, the cold, the heat, the styling products, the hair dryer, do we really have to list everything that disturbs the health of our hair fiber? To protect yourself from these numerous daily attacks, in winter, as in summer, you have to act! One of the first things to do is to experiment with brewer’s yeast to take advantage of its many antioxidants. In fact, it contains copper and selenium, two elements that effectively protect scalp cells. Do you regularly face irritated or itchy scalp? Go for the yeast to test for yourself!

Maximum shine and more suppleness

brewer's yeast hair benefits

Do you envy these girls who have soft and shiny hair like dolls? This is because they use ingredients that oxygenate the hair. Vitamin B2, vitamin B1, this is what your hair needs to start the cell renewal that will make it beautiful! Moreover, note that brewer’s yeast also contains vitamin B9. This folic acid helps nourish your hair. Silky, shiny, soft and light hair is yours!

In what form to take brewer’s yeast for hair?


It is possible to consume brewer’s yeast regularly during meals. However, if you want to have visible results, it is rather recommended to opt for a cure of brewer’s yeast food supplements. In fact, you can combine the two! At any rate, prefer a so-called “active” or “living” brewer’s yeast. The latter preserves the activity of the fungi contained in the yeast and this is what acts as a probiotic.

In addition to having benefits for hair and nails, brewer’s yeast is excellent for health. It maintains a good balance of the digestive tract.

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Brewer’s yeast for hair benefits
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