Cargo pants for men: adopt them without making a mistake!

Men’s cargo pants are one of those masculine and feminine fashion pieces that come and go over time. Never totally 100% adopted or decried, these pieces are timeless pieces that we learn to twist with our modern basics. In recent months with the strong outerwear trends and the return of nineties looks, men’s cargo pants have made a comeback in our urban outfits. How to adopt it without looking overwhelmed? How to accessorize cargo pants for men ? Here’s a guide to one of this year’s wardrobe staples.

What are cargo pants?

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Very easily recognizable, the cargo pant has side pockets. The latter, located at the thighs, are emblematic of the cargo cut. There are more or less adjusted according to the desires. Nevertheless, current fashion wants it to be adopted in a wide men’s cargo pants version or in a cut that is not too tight.
They are pants of military origin, hence their success in the male wardrobe. Traditional in its khaki version, it comes in beige, camel or other refined shades. It belongs more to the registers of casual pieces, but that does not prevent it from being used as a casual base on a casual chic look. He is ideal for men who like the workwear style of clothing.

What is the history of cargo pants?

As we said above, it is a piece from the military locker room. In the years, it was also the men’s trousers worn by English soldiers. Its comfortable and loose fit had everything needed to satisfy the needs of the army. Its pockets were used to store combat equipment.

It was during the Second World War that the freighter was adopted to other countries. The Americans were also the pants of choice for their armies. Resistant and practical, it quickly became a standard.

It was not until the 90s that it was popularized as a fashion garment.. Highlighted by hip-hop stars, it seduced millions of young people who wanted to wear the same look as their idols. Here’s how men’s cargo pants have become a must-have for streetwear looks without ever really going out of style.

What body type is it made for?

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Although it is believed to be reserved for thin men, the cargo pants suit several morphologies. The only ones for which it is not recommended are round morphologies. Indeed, with its pockets on the side, the cargo can accentuate the curves at the level of the thighs. Better to avoid it.
You have muscular thighs ? There, on the other hand, it is quite possible to wear cargo pants without being skimpy in their cut!

Which trendy cargo pants to choose?

Men’s beige cargo pants

beige cargo pants for men

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For a contemporary look, we recommend a cut that is halfway between chinos and straight pants.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a very trendy style, you will be better off choosing a loose fit. Anyway, if you want to be able to wear it easily, go straight for beige cargo pants. Tight at the ankles or falling on the latter, it depends on the final style you want to create and what suits best with your morphology. Beige cargo pants go perfectly with white ! White T-shirt, long-sleeved white T-shirt, white short-sleeved men’s shirt, white sneakers or fine black sneakers on your feet and you’re done!

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The khaki version is also very masculine with military style which is perfectly suited to origins of men’s cargo pants. Again it is custom created to pair with pure white or cream. We wear it more in workwear or sportswear mode because it is a little more relaxed than its beige cargo counterpart. It can also be accessorized with gray or for the more daring with pastel pink!

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To have class, adopt the dressy cargo pants! Not only will you be original, but you will have a very refined style.

  • Look idea number 1: the mens flannel cargo pants ! It is adopted with a shirt and dress shoes such as dress shoes.
  • Look idea number 2: beige cargo pants with a sharp cut worn with camel belt, white polo shirt and varnished shoes or boat shoes for summer.

What shoes to wear it with?

In his workwear register, the cargo pants are just perfect. It goes well with white trainers or men’s workwear boots, such as brogue boots or combat boots.
For a dressier style, wear it with dress shoes or chukka boots menFor example.
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