Classy Gentleman’s Guide: 6 Elegant Suit Colors

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Are you looking to build a timeless wardrobe? Knowing which suit colors to prioritize when you are piecing together your collection is essential for the modern gentleman.

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Every man’s wardrobe must contain a few classic suits that will never go out of style. However, even something timeless can look a little dated if the colors are wrong. Any man determined to be chic and stylish should keep an eye out for the most timeless and elegant suit colors on the market.

Solid navy blue is a safe and classic choice. Not only is this hue flattering, it is the most versatile suit you can own. The powder blue suit is great choice for a more casual look, while charcoal grey is a beautiful option for more formal look. Burgundy is an eminent and eye-catching shade that will lend your appearance an edge. For something a little more unusual, consider using hints of olive, beige, or brown in order to add visual interest.

Although black may sometimes be found in traditional wardrobes, it can make your visual presence too severe and can drain life from certain complexions. To flatter lighter hair and skin colors, try to avoid flat black and instead opt for an attractive navy blue or charcoal gray.

No matter the occasion, there’s a suit color for everyone. The hottest fashions change all the time, and it’s important to remain aware of those changes; however a few lasting and timeless choices are essential in any prime wardrobe. Follow this guide and you’re sure to stay ahead of the trends.


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