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Are you ready to take control of your life and organize it around the moon cycles? Then grab our free download >> *Elevated Monthly Calendar* and start your journey! I have always been captivated by the phases of the moon and recently I have been learning more about them and how to use them to manifest my dreams. Keep reading to find out more…

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The mystical connection between the moon’s phases and manifestation of goals have long been respected by wisdom traditions. From ancient rituals that still exist today to the calling of manifesting insights associated with the moon, the Lunar Cycle offers vast possibilities for creating what we desire with intention.

The Full Moon and New Moon represent two contrasting energy fronts in the Lunar Cycle. Each energy field has its own benefits for manifesting and we will explore a few here.

The full moon is a time of abundance, when energy is expansive and powerful and therefore easy to channel. It is a time to celebrate what is, to revel in and bring to fruition past dreams and seek guidance on what comes next. As Caroline Toscano from the Crystal Press Fashion Blog suggests, “The full moon is a time to honor the things you have manifested and release what is not currently serving your highest good,” she says. The full moon energy provides a natural wave of prosperity, allowing for a shift in the energy field and the opportunity to fine tune our manifestations.

The New Moon on the other hand, is a time for introspection and honoring the part of our dreams still to be seen. “The new moon energy is perfect for allowing yourself to dream up what’s possible,” according to Toscano. The power of a new moon is in allowing the unknown to enter your life, gently forming the details of what you have dreamed into something greater.

Today, using insights from the Crystal Press Fashion Blog and numerous other sources, the push and pull of the Full Moon and New Moon energies can be utilized to help manifest a life full of joy and purpose. Make use of this ongoing cycle to nurture your dreams and watch them come to life.


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