Dare to color: what wallpaper for a child’s room?

A child’s bedroom is his lair, his private space. It must therefore be decorated to his liking so that he feels good there and enjoys spending time there. Which often goes through bold colors. The wallpaper is an ideal wall covering for a little girl’s or boy’s room. It is also the coating that allows it to evolve easily according to one’s tastes and age. So, what wallpaper for a child’s room? Ideas and advice.

Choosing the right wallpaper for a child’s room

Among the various colored wallcoverings, wallpaper is an excellent choice when it comes to wallpapering a child’s room.

A wide choice of colored wallpaper, plain or patterned, is available in stores, at all prices. Enough to create an atmosphere in accordance with the desires of his child for his roomwithout necessarily requiring a substantial budget.

The wallpaper is easy to hang, without requiring a lot of material. It also comes off easily. This allows you to change the decoration of your child’s room at will, especially when he grows up and his tastes in decoration evolve.

VOC-free glue, recycled wallpapers, natural fiber wallpapers, ecological wallpapers… well chosen, the wallcovering is healthy for the well-being of the child, limiting indoor pollution.

Children’s wallpaper: which one to choose?

wallpaper pastel polka dots children's room

The offer of children’s wallpaper is extensive. The child’s desires must therefore be the guide to find the perfect colorful wallpaper for your bedroom. Especially since the bedroom is a space in which the child spends a lot of time for various activities: rest, games, homework… Children’s wallpaper trends nevertheless stand out and you will find very beautiful inspirations on this site.

Panoramic wallpaper

panoramic wallpaper, which covers a whole section of the wall with a pretty scene, is a great success. From the baby’s room to the teenager’s room, the panoramic wallpaper brings a decorative atmosphere marked under the sign of childhood. Cartoons, successful sagas, sport, music, planisphere… the visuals of the panoramic decors express the passions of children, for a bedroom in their image.

These are often very colorful scenes that are represented. With a glance at its panoramic wall decoration, the child plunges into an imaginary universe, jungle, underwater life, space, vehicle… stimulate their imagination, their games and their dreams.

Plain colored wallpaper

To line an entire room or in addition to a panoramic wallpaper, a colored wallpaper can be chosen. Soft pastel tint or more intense tint, there are some in all colors.

Some colors are reminiscent of a visually identifiable universe, such as the red and yellow of Harry Potter, the red and blue of Marvel superheroes, the black and yellow of Batman…

The non-woven wallpaper is perfect for decorating a child’s room. Designed in textile fibers, it offers good resistance and is also waterproof. It therefore resists the sometimes abrupt games of children.

Light wallpaper for the baby’s room

Light colors are the softest and most soothing. They are recommended for toddler roomwho will find sleep there more easily than if their eye is stimulated by bright colors.

patterned wallpaper

Another type of wallpaper for children’s rooms is the patterned wallpaper. Geometric patterns, graphic patterns, polka dots, stripes, give color and structure to the walls, highlight them.

Delineate spaces with wallpaper

what kids room wallpaper

The diversity of wallpapers makes it possible to choose several models and coordinate them in the same room. In a child’s room, it is particularly a solution to define different spaces.

For example, when two children share the same room, it can be a way to define a space for each.

Also, this can mark the play area, the workspace and the sleeping area, which often cohabit in a child’s room or in a teenager’s room.

Gradation of colors, shades, complementary colors or on the contrary contrasting colors, all combinations are possible with the wallpaper.

Wallpaper is the wall covering to choose to bring color to a child’s room. All you need is a few strips of wallpaper to give a colorful and childlike atmosphere to the room. Simple and easy work, for an immediate and remarkable result. Rooms lined with children’s wallpaper also have the merit of being easy to accessorise. Panoramic wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, ecological wallpaper, choosing the color and the pattern with your child is the guarantee of creating a room in which he will feel good.

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