Dress Parisian chic: the dress code

The Parisian style is a style famous all over the world. It must be said that as the fashion capital of the world, Parisian women are inevitably watched closely for their taste in clothing. The latter have an irreproachable sense of style all their own. How do they do it? What is the secret of a successful chic Parisian look? Here are the secrets of the Parisian girl to shine with elegance in all circumstances.

How could we define the Parisian chic fashion style?

Parisians have this innate ability to know how to mix classic pieces with other modern ones to create a very elegant look. Their outfits are always clever mixes between sophistication and simplicity. There is also a timelessness behind this style of dress. This is also why it can be adopted by so many different age groups. A successful look is partly due to the avant-garde eye of the Parisian. The latter knows how to use a trendy garment without it being the centerpiece of her outfit and we only see her. It’s because she knows perfectly which vintage basic to wear it with that she will get that chic Parisian look that we all try to create!

4 tips for creating a chic Parisian look

Choose quality parts

The Parisian is not a serial shopper. She much prefers having good basics in her wardrobe and some trendy pieces, all of excellent quality.

Opt for neutral colors and only for certain prints

The chic Parisian looks that we discover on this trendy fashion blog always favor neutral colors such as black, white, beige, camel, gray. These are colors that can easily be combined. Moreover, if you think about it, it’s a clothing style that comes very close to the idea of ​​the capsule wardrobe! Prints are timeless prints. It can for example adopt stripes but in the form of sailor top. She can also wear polka dot prints or a Prince of Wales print.

Have a nice hairstyle

chic parisian style hairstyle

The Parisian style is characterized throughout the world by its effortless natural beauty. The make-up, like the hairstyle, is very light. The unified complexion, light touch of blush, eyes made up with simplicity, the only spot of color spotted is generally devoted to the lips (red lipstick). The hair, meanwhile, is always deceptively perfectly styled. Whether it’s beautiful waves, straightened hair, a ponytail or a disheveled bun, nothing is left to chance in the hairstyle.

never vulgar

chic parisian style

Beauty does not necessarily pass through sensuality. The chic Parisian is also never dressed in deep neckline. It is distinguished above all by its pure elegance and style. minimalist.

The 6 basics of the chic Parisian wardrobe

chic parisian outfit

In the dressing room of the chic Parisian, there are timeless pieces. Here are some of the most essential:

  • The women’s trench coat: it’s the iconic mid-season coat that you can wear with everything with great elegance.
  • The white shirt: it’s the BABA of the Parisian wardrobe. A symbol of class, the fitted white women’s shirt serves as the basics. It goes just as well with a black pleated skirt as with raw jeans.
  • The blazer: it immediately enhances any outfit, even with jeans.
  • The little black dress: is not Parisian who does not have a little black dress, it is well known!
  • The jeans: the chic Parisian has jeans that suit her perfectly. Ideally cut for her, it is rather fitted and dark in color.
  • Shoes: again, there are only timeless ones with beautiful, sophisticated shoes. We think in particular of ballerinas, pumps, baby shoes, etc.

Essential accessories

Accessories are absolutely essential. They are still very few, but they help create the desired look. Silk scarf hung on the handbag or tied in the hair, chic sunglasses on the nose, a leather handbag that goes with all her outfits, timeless jewellery, a thin belt, it’s once again a question of knowing how to play with timelessness and chic. The beret, although it can be adopted in winter, is not always the first accessory selected contrary to what we see in the movies.

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