Emily’s Flowy Life

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I’m so excited to share the look I wore on my birthday! I’m a huge fan of flowy tops, especially during the spring months. I was browsing around The Impeccable Pig in Raleigh when I stumbled upon this beautiful, feminine top.…

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Emily’s Flowy Life

Emily is an extraordinary person that can teach us an essential lesson: how to live a flowy life. She has established her own way of living that has brought her more happiness than anything else.

Her philosophy includes being flexible and open to what the universe gives you. She takes on challenges as they come and tries her best to do her best with them. Emily practises how to turn lemons into lemonade. She acknowledges that every difficulty has a hidden opportunity in it. She never gets frustrated despite repeating a task multiple times, instead she takes each trial as a valuable learning experience.

Flow is important to Emily. She applies the concept of flow in all areas of her life. In her career, Emily is never afraid to explore new ventures that align with her passions. She values quality over quantity, allowing her to slowly but surely build her career path.

Flow plays an important role in her friendships too. Emily easily makes and maintains friendships while remaining true to herself. She reaches out to people with different backgrounds and shares her own experiences in return. This open-mindedness also allows her to build meaningful professional relationships.

In her free time, Emily stays active and commonly takes on new projects. Her flowy lifestyle also means that she loves to go with the flow. She often spontaneously travels with friends and allows the universe to take her to unforgettable places.

Emily’s flowy life is ultimately about appreciating life as it is. She is aware that change is the only constant in life, and to her, that’s the beauty of it all. She believes in her ability to turn the difficult moments into something better, while wholeheartedly embracing happy moments and bursts of joy. Following in Emily’s footsteps can certainly lead to a flowy, beautiful life.


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