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Cartier is an essential fine jewelry brand. Its know-how of more than a century and a half supports its reputation throughout the world. It is particularly in the luxury watchmaking sector that the House has been able to stand out for years. Many of its luxury men’s watch models are coveted by collectors and lovers of quality watches. What is the history of Maison Cartier? Which Cartier men’s watch to choose for our contemporary outfits?

A long-standing heritage, the history of Maison Cartier

Cartier was born in 1847 under the impulsion of Louis Francois Cartier. From the start it is a family history which is taking shape.

Joined by his son, the founder established his French workshops on Boulevard des Italiens, in Paris. Quickly, the magic happens and all the high society jostles at the doors of Cartier. Even Empress Eugénie orders from the famous jeweler. Later, the workshop will be moved to Place Vendôme then Rue de la Paix.

Over the years, the legacy continues and Louis Cartier is also joined by his eldest son. Building on the success of the jewelry house, Cartier made a name for itself around the world. A first store opened in London in 1902then a branch moved to New York in 1908.

Watchmaking became a privileged cutting-edge sector for Cartier, which first designed a watch for the field of aviation. For his aviator friend Alberto Santos Dumont, he created in 1904 a watch with a leather strap which would later be marketed for its success. Little by little, new models flowed in and the Maison positioned itself as a fussy designer of luxury watches, in addition to being also extensive in luxury jewelry, perfumery, leather goods, etc. The brand is synonymous with luxury and innovation. She filed numerous patents. Cartier watches are known as the first geometric watch models with new, original shapes. Art deco is a very present source of inspiration in the collections.

Where to buy your Cartier watch?

Where to buy your Cartier watch for men? It all depends on the model you are looking for. For a best-selling brand, it is better to go to partner jewelers of prestigious brands. They offer quality after-sales service and the assurance of having a certified watch. It is also possible to go to the eponymous site of the House to unearth new nuggets to add to its collection of watches.

3 models of iconic Cartier watches for men to treat yourself to this year

The Santos watch

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It was the first wristwatch ever created to replace the pocket watch of the time. She was born in 1904 for the needs of an aviator friend, then it was marketed in 1911. Even today, it is a luxury men’s watch highly sought after by collectors and lovers of luxury watches. Its case is in the shape of a quadrilateral and it fits like a timeless fashion accessory in our current looks.

The Tank watch

Cartier men's tank watch

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It’s’one of the first models presented after the war in 1919 by Louis Cartier. With a rectangular shape, it is inspired by tanks, hence its illustrious name. Its success was taken up and revisited for modified versions, such as the sublime round Must watch, a cousin of the iconic Tank watch.

The Ballon Bleu watch

It is one of the most famous Cartier watches. Available in men’s and women’s versions, it stands out from the jeweler’s other watches while retaining the house’s DNA with its sword-shaped hands, guilloché dial and Roman numerals. She still pleases as much in our current society with her resolutely vintage and artistic style.

How to wear the Cartier men’s watch with style?

Cartier men's watch

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Wearing a luxury Cartier men’s watch is a sign of elegance, regardless of the model selected. Some of the House’s watches will underline a casual chic style with modernity. Others will fully fit into a very dressy outfit with a suit. Most of the models have actually become real timeless items that are very easy to wear on the wrist. The older ones have a vintage style that has been perfectly up to date in recent months and years. They will be adopted with a basic or worked outfit. Jeans, chinos, suit trousers, shirts, Mao collar T-shirts, polo shirts, all your basics can be accessorized with a beautiful luxury watch.

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