How to become a professional makeup artist?

Do you love to wear make-up and discover new make-up techniques to test on friends? Have you ever wondered if being a professional makeup artist was for you? Having make-up skills and a passion for this field can be a real asset when learning this profession. What exactly is professional make-up artist ? What are his daily tasks? How much is she paid? What training do you need to follow to become a professional makeup artist? Immerse yourself in the heart of this profession which makes many women dream every year!

The missions of the professional make-up artist

The missions of the professional makeup artist can be varied. She may be required to work as an employee in a beauty Institute or one store or carry out missions on his own account for various events and contexts. Photo shoot, fashion show, TV show, cinema, theater, the make-up artist is essential in many sectors of activity. She can intervene for simple make-ups or elaborate make-ups that require a particular talent such as body painting or make-up with special effects. Child make-up can also be part of the missions on which she may be required to work.

Is this job for me?

To become a professional make-up artist, it is not enough to like applying make-up, you must of course be trained in professional make-up. Some SKILLS are required to be able to break through and excel in this profession. Training is essential to learn the many make-up techniques used in the professional world.

This job is for you if you have the artistic flair and the soul of a designer.. It will be necessary to be able to adapt to all situations and to carry out various make-ups according to the type of make-up to be carried out. Rigor And meticulousness are required to be able to practice this profession. There patience is also a quality that you must have to your bow to make up. Some make-ups require several hours of work to be completed.

Finally, we must also have a certain faculty in the relational to be able to make oneself known. It is thanks to the network that a professional make-up artist extends her field of action. A mission well done by bringing another, etc, etc.

Note that to be able to work in luxury sectors such as modeling, you will also be asked to master the English language.

How to train for the job?

professional makeup artist training

You don’t become a professional make-up artist on your own. To be able to find work and improve oneself, it is essential to train as a professional make-up artist. Some renowned schools such as the French School provide the skills required for this job.

The training allowsacquire a solid foundation such as learning to recognize the client’s phototype, knowing how to adapt your make-up according to the type of skin of the person to be made up, using the right equipment, advising clients, etc.

There are a lot of things to be trained on. A professional make-up artist must master the application of false eyelashes or the creation of gradients. She must know how to contour, apply the required techniques and stay informed about the latest make-up trends such as clean look make-up, for example. This learning is very different from what we are used to doing alone at home..

Therefore, even if you are addicted to beauty tutorials, it is essential to train! It is also thanks to your training that you will be able to build up a network and gain your first professional experience in the profession.

How much does a professional makeup artist earn?

Salary varies according to status, experience and missions carried out. A beginner can expect to earn an average of 1100 euros per month or more if she is hired as an employee in a perfumery or a store. It is not uncommon to start as helper before making a name for himself in the business and seeing opportunities arise. Note that it can be difficult to find a place when you start. You will surely have to persevere before accessing the dream position. If this is your dream, hang in there! Many people manage to do well by making themselves known on social networks, having good interpersonal skills and solid training. Feel free to accept various missions to start. Bridal makeup, children’s makeup, makeup with special effects, you absolutely have to master it all. Practice in parallel at home on your friends and on yourself. The more you work, the more you can improve!

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How to become a professional makeup artist?
The profession of professional make-up artist makes more than one dream. How to turn your passion into your job? Let’s discover together the profession of professional make-up artist..

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