How to choose a wedding suit for men?

The wedding suit is not just a men’s suit. It is different from the suit you wear to work or the one you put on when you are invited to a fancy event. It’s a very elegant suit that should make you the chicest bride and groom! How to choose your men’s wedding suit according to your morphology? Here are some fashion tips and advice on how to do your groom suit choice !

Choose according to your morphology

In general, whatever the male morphology, certain rules must be respected to obtain a flattering silhouette in a suit:

  • The men’s suit jacket ideally falls at shoulder level;
  • Sleeves should be neither too long nor too short. This little test will allow you to check the correct sleeve length: bend your arm and check that your sleeve goes up just to the level of your wrist bone. It’s the case ? You have the perfect length!
  • There should be no wrinkles in the back of the jacket;
  • About the shirt costume, she must not exceed the suit jacket by more than 2 cm.

To distinguish himself from the other guests, the groom often chooses a three-piece suit. It is, in fact, the best option to be singular and very well dressed.

For slim and tall men

For this type of morphology, we recommend low-rise suit pants with a long, fitted suit jackete. The ideal is to find a cut that highlights the shoulders. For example, you can opt for a double-breasted men’s wedding suit.

If you are short

Short men are particularly flattered in a slim groom suit. Fitted pants and a fitted jacket allow them to gain in style and size. It is also essential to choose a perfectly cut jacket, which does not fall below the buttocks. A good tip is also to choose a set of men’s suits with vertical stripes to further elongate the figure and look taller.

If you have belly

To erase the small belly effect in a suit, justdraw the eye to the upper body. You can, for example, choose a suit jacket that marks the shoulders well, a colorful pocket square or even a collar with a sharp lapel notch.

If you are muscular

Muscular men have big arms and square shoulders while their waist is rather thin. To show off, they can choose a fitted cut with a rather long suit jacket and straight cut trousers. Solid colors are preferred.

Opt for impeccable quality

groom suit style


As we said above, the wedding suit is not a suit that we wear every day. He should reflect your personality and married status. The quality of the fabric, the excellence of the finishes, the know-how of the manufacturer, everything must stand out when you put it on! Elegance is key, and that’s why nothing should be left to chance.

Consider your wedding theme

From a country wedding to a Disney-themed wedding or a chic wedding in a fairy tale castle, there is a difference in style. You absolutely must take this into account when choosing a wedding suit. Some themes may give you access to specific materials. Take the beach wedding, for example, it can offer the freedom to afford linen wedding suit, light and refined. The velvet suit is one of the most upscale. He is very handsome in a burgundy suit! It will be perfect for chic wedding themes or winter groom suits.

Also think about the color of your wedding suit. Light grey, burgundy, fir green, orange, everything is possible provided that the shade matches the theme, the bride’s outfit and your own personality.

The importance of groom’s accessories

what a groom suit

Just like the bride, the groom also has accessories to personalize his outfit. They are also great allies to give uniqueness to his groom style. Vest, bow tie, shoes, tie, pocket square, remember to match your accessories to the wedding theme.

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