How to wear a printed dress in summer?

Polka dots, checks, flowers, animal prints, prints intermingle in our most beautiful outfits, starting with our pretty summer dresses. We like to wear them boldly, discreetly or lightly. They are the key personalization element of our feminine looks. How to wear the print dress in 2023? Which print to choose and how to accessorize it? We tell you about the must have of the summer season: the printed dress!

The trend of printed dresses

As you may have noticed, printed dresses have been popping up in stores in recent years. Sources of inspiration for fashion designers, they are also an opportunity for us to personalize any of our outfits. They are synonymous with character, and sometimes even indicative of a particular style of dress. Not a day goes by that we don’t see in the magazines a pretty printed summer dress that we don’t secretly dream of owning.

What trendy prints for our summer dresses in 2023?

Are you also wondering what the trendy prints will be on the rise this summer? You’re right, there are the timeless ones that we undoubtedly find hanging in our wardrobe every year, and those that change season after season!

Let’s start with flowers, the essential print of our beautiful summer dresses. It’s an unbeatable, a timeless classic that you can’t do without. There floral dress is delicate, feminine and colorful. Once again, you can wear it this summer with your eyes closed. Of course, you have to choose quality with a beautiful high-end dress with neat finishes. We will adore it as always with ruffles, fluid cuts and always this beautiful touch of romanticism!

Then comes the ethnic print dress, both contemporary and vintage. It blows a wind of freedom and signals a desire to escape. It is an elegant dress in a wrap dress or bohemian dress version. On a refined fabric, it will be all the more feminine and chic for the summer. It’s the dress to slip into your vacation suitcase without hesitation. Matched with beautiful leather mules and a wicker bag, it will be the ally of our hot days for a fresh look.

Trompe-l’oeil patterns and animal prints will also be part of the game this season. They’ll boost our outfits in moments with an influencer-worthy style lesson.

How to accessorize a printed dress?

The printed dress should always be accessorized with subtlety. It is the key element of an outfit, it should not be overloaded. The idea is more to embellish it with an accessory that sublimates it. A scarf in the hair, an elegant necklace, a pair of retro glasses, beautiful sandals, here is enough to highlight a women’s dress with prints.

Above all, avoid colorful accessories and bet on gold or silver jewelry. Prefer noble materials such as leather for your leather goods accessories. As for the shoes, stick to neutral colors that go well with the print on the dress.

Printed dresses from Apostrophe

printed dress


Looking to add to your wardrobe a high-end dress for women with a modern and feminine print? Never take your eyes off the Apostrophe dresses! Between casual chic work dresses with prints or elegant women’s dresses with cashmere patterns, you will find those that fit your personality the most in the collections on offer.

The colors selected by Apostrophe immerse us in a singular universe to shine with elegance this summer (here to know everything about this beautiful brand). The chic and feminine dress you were looking for is actually an iconic piece, a dress that you can wear on multiple occasions. For a wedding, at work, in the evening or with friends for a day out, all you have to do is combine the right accessories with your dress to twist it according to your desires. Each cut is proposed to flatter the silhouette with comfort and lightness.

We fell in love with the Apostrophe gathered dress and its deliciously vintage chic style! We already imagine ourselves with platform sandals and XXL glasses on the nose!

Haven’t decided which printed dress to go for this summer yet? Bring out your dresses from the previous season and do some sorting through outdated styles. Flowers, trompe-l’oeil and animal prints are your best allies!

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How to wear a printed dress in summer?
The printed dress is an essential must-have in the summer wardrobe. Which printed dress to choose this summer? How to accessorize your dress for…

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