How to wear orange pants for women?

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Women’s orange pants are one of those fashion pieces that can seem difficult to adopt. However, this year, orange is a luminous and sunny shade that we really like to wear. After seeing the trend for orange dresses land, it’s time for orange pants to enter our wardrobe. How to properly accessorize orange pants ? Is this fashion piece made for you? We answer your questions on the subject!

Who can wear the orange pants?

With its bright and radiant hue, orange pants do not go unnoticed in a modern outfit. It is even the central element that we carefully accessorize. Also, everyone can decide to wear feminine orange pants. This year it is full of trendy colors. You can even unsheath it for a wedding outfit in colorful pants! However, you have to know one thing, orange is less suitable for V-shaped morphologies. For what ? Because the latter rather need to draw the eye to the upper body. With orange pants, that’s for sure, it’s missed. If you really fell in love with this color, then you will have to choose straight orange pants and associate them with a top that gives volume. As you will have understood, the goal is to rebalance the silhouette. For all the others, do not hesitate to crack!

Stop misconceptions: the orange pants are very simple to wear!!!!!!

The difficulty of wearing colorful pants lies in itself only in the fact that they attract attention. These are bold and remarkable pieces. As for the yellow pants or the pink pants, it requires daring. This is the most difficult part, getting through! On the other hand, contrary to what many people think, it is a very easy color to accessorize. It’s simple, orange goes with almost everything. and where it becomes interesting is that the orange hue can be mixed with neutral hues such as black, white, gray as well as with explosive and colorful hues. Wearing orange pants with pink, blue, yellow, green is highly recommended ! Experience it, you will probably love this colorful look in winter, as in summer.

5 outfit ideas with orange pants

Orange pants and white top: the perfect combo!


Want a chic look with your orange pants? Look no further than white to accessorize it! White is pure, delicate, discreet, everything you need to shine your colored pants with elegance. Regardless of the shade of orange selected, it’s a combination that works for sure! Of course, we recommend that you choose trendy cuts for your pieces on this look. You can, for example, wear carrot pants with a stylish top eighties with epaulette sleeves. The white blazer over a basic white tee also works perfectly. ! Be careful, we did say immaculate white!

Colorblock look with orange pants and a fuchsia pink top

accessorize orange pants


Dare the ultra look fashion and colorful consisting of a top hot pink and light orange pants. In breathable materials on beautiful summer pants, you will be beautiful. Orange linen pants, for example, can be teamed with a fuchsia pink crop-top for a 100% Y2K look!

Chic urban style with a blue shirt and orange pants

classy orange pants


Blue and orange, we know, it matches perfectly. From sky blue to denim blue, you will therefore have the opportunity to wear your basics with great ease in this chic urban look. To give a really very dressy style to your outfit, we advise you here to opt for women’s orange suit trousers or for orange flare pants seventies style!

Fluid orange pants and purple top

fluid orange pants


Fan of vintage looks? Impossible not to try the purple key with fluid orange pants. It really is bankable and even very Hollywood! So of course, you have to dare it, but frankly, you will make people envious with this picky and neat look! Parma purple, dark purple, again all shades of purple work and it’s so good to look at!!!!

With green for a very chic outfit

Orange high waisted pants


If you aspire to wear orange pants to a weddingSO pair it with bottle green or dark green. The set is simply to die for. Light green will give a more relaxed style. On the feet, opt for golden sandals in thin strips. If you are tanned or if you have dark skin, you will be emulated in such a colorful outfit!

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How to wear orange pants for women
The orange pants for women are solar and colorful. It is one of the trends this year! Here’s how to wear orange pants in style.


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