How to wear the bohemian chic dress for special occasions?

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The bohemian dress is a must in our summer outfits. With its romantic style, it is ideal for dressing on special occasions. Wedding, baptism, ceremony or birthday party, here is how to wear the bohemian chic dress with elegance. Which cut to choose? What color do you prefer? We focus on the right way to appropriate the boho chic dress for a formal event !

What is a bohemian chic dress?

Between the terms bohemian, boho and boho chic, you may be a little lost and that’s normal. The bohemian style is an easily recognizable style of dress. Directly inspired by the 70s, it responds to a very particular dress code. His universe is also tinged with romanticism. Thus, when we talk about bohemian dresses, we evoke fluid and light dresses in soft colors. But what about the bohemian chic dress? What more does she have? In reality, the bohemian chic dress is a bohemian dress strictly speaking. On the other hand, it is often made in a noble fabric, such as silk, satin, lace and/or has romantic details, elegant finishes (pretty ruffles, frills, shoulder pads, gathered shoulders, etc.).

In other words, the bohemian and country dress is dressed and sophisticated, and this keeping the bohemian spirit. It is therefore the perfect dress for a formal ceremony.

Choose your bohemian chic dress for a formal event: instructions

Colors and prints

bohemian chic wedding dress

To know if you are in the right universe by choosing a bohemian chic dress, just refer to nature. Some colors are conducive to the bohemian universe. We note in particular the pastel and the soft colors, such as cream, old pink, water green, light yellow, etc. It is also possible to wear more pronounced colors in the bohemian chic universe. It is not uncommon to see beautiful bohemian orange, fuchsia pink, electric blue, etc. dresses at weddings. If you wish wear a boho chic dress for a baptismyou can go with your eyes closed to the pastel colors, perfect shades for the softness of the event.

Whatever the choice of color, it must be essential that it always composes with a very romantic cut.

The prints can be selected, but again, they must recall a universe specific to nature. Animal print, floral print, exotic print, you are right in what is allowed.

A romantic and feminine cut

floral bohemian chic dress


A detail is very important, it is the cut. As we said, nothing has to be strict in the bohemian universe. Conversely, everything must be fluid, airy, light. Tight dresses, fitted or those with a plunging neckline do not belong to this category of dress. Events such as weddings allow you to wear sumptuous long or short bohemian dresses. It’s time to dare cuts that you would not have allowed yourself in everyday life. Choose trapeze dresses, floral maxi dressmidi dresses with a flared cut or why not dresses with bare shoulders.

It is important to consider the wedding theme when selecting your outfit or the type of event you are going to. For example, for a garden partywe play hard the map of english romanticism with floral prints. For a country wedding, you can allow yourself a little more freedom on the materials, like a beautiful bohemian linen dress well accessorized. Baptism? Opt for a short bohemian dress or a midi cut.

The importance of accessories

For an elegant look with your dress, it is essential to wear pretty heels. No need to perch on 12 cm high, pretty sandals with medium heels or small heels will be enough to spruce up your look.

You can also choose to wear a hat and stone jewelry. These are very popular this year.

Finally, when it comes to the hairstyle, stay natural. Avoid strict chignons and prefer a wavy, a fuzzy bun or a romantic braid. Only wear accessories that enhance your bohemian chic style. Same thing for makeup, avoid too much that doesn’t go with the bohemian chic theme. Select natural colors for make-up. Put on a little touch of blush. Make yourself discreetly colored eyelids. Apply a beautiful nude or pink lipstick. You will look perfect with this kind of fresh makeup.

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How to wear the bohemian chic dress for special occasions?
Wedding, baptism, formal event, here is how to appropriate the bohemian chic dress for special occasions. Colors, colors, tips and tricks…


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