Laces: an essential fashion accessory to personalize your style?

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Are you on the lookout for fashion trends and like to follow the news on the subject? This article should please you! While we are all looking to stand out with fashion accessories representative of our personality, a new trend has arrived, that of personalizing your shoes with laces! Pink, green, yellow, with sequins, lace, polka dots, the laces of our shoes are now ultra-trendy accessories. Influencers and fashionistas have several pairs to enhance their style according to their desires. Not only is the concept appealing, but it has the advantage of being economical. No need to go broke to buy laces! So here is a wonderful idea to blow a wind of novelty in our current looks. Haven’t given in to temptation yet? Here’s why you have every good reason to fall for trendy laces This year !

A great way to stand out from the crowd


Stan Smith, Nike, converse, Adidas, Vans, it must be admitted, we almost all fall for the same pairs of trendy shoes. Pimp them with pretty feminine or masculine laces a wonderful opportunity to differentiate. With beautiful colored laces, your shoes will take on a new style and will be embellished with a nice touch of originality.

Can’t get rid of a favorite pair of sneakers you’ve had for several years? give him a youthful look with sublime black, blue, green or red laces !

Style all the way!

customize laces look

It is common to change her jewelry according to her outfits. Why don’t we change our laces like we do with other accessories? Discover the furiously fashionable concept of!

  • Have you chosen a basic outfit with jeans and a white t-shirt, sneakers on your feet? Add brown, purple or green laces for a pop of color. A simple and minimalist look is then quickly transformed into a trendy look !
  • You are going to a wedding and you would like bring out your touch of madness and your uniqueness in your chic look ? The original laces are not reserved for sneakers, they can also be worn on dress shoes. Imagine your camel derbies enhanced with beautiful round and thin midnight blue laces? It’s a detail, but it’s a touch of originality that undeniably enhances your entire style.
  • Adopt colored shoelaces as a way of life! Do you have a particular style? Are you considered a hipster, an it-girl or a fashion addict fan of vintage looks? Laces are the essential accessory of your outfits. They will allow you to have an even more unique style. Whether you like thin, flat laces or thick, round laces, there’s something for everyone!
  • And if you’re more of a casual, sporty style fan, don’t overlook the impact of colored laces on your favorite sneakers. Why not opt ​​for neon yellow or bright orange shoelaces to energize a pair of white trainers? It will instantly add a touch of pep to your look, while showcasing your personality.

As you can see, with fancy laces and colored laces, anything goes!

A few tips for adopting colored laces without making a fashion faux pas

trendy laces

  • Among the current lace trends this year, it is impossible to miss the sequined women’s laces! Golden, copper, silver, our feet shine with a thousand lights and our sneakers are ready to go out in the evening! A little advice to adopt this fashion: wear your glitter laces on white sneakers. Beware of dubious associations that could spoil your pretty worked look.
  • Dare bright colors ! These next seasons, it is the Green and the purple who are popular. Why not show off your keen sense of fashion style with some colorful shoelaces? You can change them according to the outfits and colors you wear.
  • THE pastel colors are particularly fashionable and will be easy to adopt to begin to familiarize yourself with this new accessory.
  • Personalize your sports shoes too! Running trainers, football boots? Adopt the trend to color your sports sneakers with orange, yellow, green!

Where to buy laces?

Laces, it is true that you can find them everywhere and easily, but not all of them have the same quality. If you want to have fun with original pairs, colorful ranges, it is recommended togo to specialized sites. In these shops, you will find dozens and dozens of fun, chic or neutral models. Some even give tips for finding the right pairs of laces according to the sneakers selected.

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Laces: an essential fashion accessory
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