Linen jacket for men: why are we falling for this new fashion trend?

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Among the men’s jackets to brighten up our dressing room this year, the linen jacket is something new! With a naturally chic style, the linen jacket is a must-have. It is worn as well in weddings as a guest or married, as to go to the office or in the evening. Why is the linen jacket for men so popular at the moment? How to accessorize a men’s linen jacket ? Here’s everything you need to know to wear it in style.

Linen jacket for men: why are you going to fall for it too?

At a time when we pay more and more attention to the way we consume, the linen jacket is perfect. This ecological and natural material is one of the most sought after this year. While it was once reserved for bed linen, summer outfits on the beach or for a certain age group of the population, here it is reinventing itself with charm and modernity.

Its main strengths? She is super light And trendy ! Right in line with the trend of linen clothing, it is also becoming a basic that we can no longer do without. It must be said that linen is a material that deserves to be explored. Not only linen is thermoregulator, which allows it to adapt to all temperatures, but it is a plant material. Another major argument to add to the list: linen becomes more and more resistant over time. Like a good wine that is left to age, you will see that a linen jacket will become more and more beautiful, supple and light over the years.

In addition to its formidable properties, we also like its sophisticated style. Because yes, the men’s linen jacket for men is now a chic piece that can be worn with dressy or casual outfits. Its natural side undeniably brings us back to noble and pure elegance. Without fuss, it is therefore supplanted by other more formal jackets in ceremonies or special occasions.

How to wear the linen jacket for men?

In a linen suit version to shine with elegance!

linen jacket for men


The linen men’s suit is just as well suited to a city outfit as to a groom’s or guest’s outfit. It is preferably chosen in a light color This year. Sky blue linen jacket with sky blue linen suit trousers, beige or cream or anthracite gray ensemble, it’s a combo that makes a small impression, rest assured!

With a white shirt or t-shirt, this outfit can easily be accessorized.

For a wedding, just add elegant men’s shoes, a tie or a buttonhole of dried flowers, and you’re done!

Men’s linen jacket with elbow patches

man jacket


To give it an ever trendier style, choose it with a very BCBG detail: the elbow pads. Mix it with pants that match the same color palette as your jacket. In other words, make a nice monochrome of the selected shade with your linen jacket and your pants. You can, for example, choose a linen jacket with khaki elbow patches and wear it with a slightly lighter green chino. As for the top under your jacket, we recommend the shirt for formal occasions or the white or printed t-shirt if your outfit can be more casual.

Mistakes to avoid for a successful look

Just like the safari jacket for men, the linen jacket is a garment that you have to learn to accessorize well. With the wrong pieces or the wrong fit, she could miss out on your desired style. When you wear it, avoid associations that are too basic with jeans and prefer to mix it with the same color of pants or with a shade that is close to it.

Feel free to wear it with sneakers or dress shoes. White leather sneakers, boat shoes, derbies, it partly depends on the occasion for which you wear it.

Always favor a men’s suit or a high quality linen jacket. Your look should be flawless so you don’t look too casual. Moreover, we recommend that you avoid models that are too wide or ill-fitting. Your men’s jacket must be perfectly adapted to your morphology !

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Linen jacket for men why we love
Among the new men’s jackets to make their way into our wardrobes this year: the linen jacket! Ultra light and breathable, it is elegant…


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