Low waist jeans: the comeback! For who ? How ?

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Long neglected in our dressing room, low-rise jeans are making a comeback, to the delight of some of us! But aficionadas of high-waisted jeans can be reassured, fashion wants to satisfy everyone and allow women to make their choice!

Why opt for low rise pants ? Who does it fit best? How to wear it? In this article, we answer all these questions and give you some ideas for making trendy outfits.

Why go back to low-rise jeans?


Here are some reasons that could convince you to succumb to the charms of these new trend pants:

It is more convenient

The problem with high waisted jeans is that it’s better to wear a crop top to show off your figure, and in winter, it’s really not practical!

With low-rise jeans, there are more dress options.

It gives you more comfort

If you want to make a pizza with friends, give up the high-waisted pants! He has an annoying tendency to tighten his stomach. Better to prioritize low-rise pants so you don’t have to unbutton your pants !

He is sexier

Low-rise jeans are a great way tobeautify your figure and to make it sexy, discreetly. However, you have to subtly match your clothes so that your little belly is visible without being vulgar.

Low waist jeans: for whom?

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When we talk about low rise jeans, many of us mistakenly think that they are not easy to wear. For many women, it requires a perfect figure. However, this is only a prejudice! Indeed, low-rise jeans adapts to all body typesprovided you know how to associate it with the rest of your outfit.

Even if low-rise jeans suit all silhouettes, they are even more recommended for V and H body types : the first is characterized by broad shoulders and a very little marked waist, the second by hips and shoulders of the same width with a little marked waist.

This type of pants is also to be preferred if you are of small sizeas it emphasizes your hips and gives a glimpse of your elegant lower back.

How to properly wear low-rise jeans in 2023?

women's low waist jeans


To be fashionable and wear low-rise jeans with taste, you have to respect certain codes:

  • It’s necessary leave the belly exposed, as far as possible. However, to be really fashionable, wear a shirt stopping just at the level of the jeans.
  • Prefer low-rise jeans with a straight and wide cut, because the skinny is no longer trendy. Today, low-rise pants must adopt a casual look to be worn more easily.
  • As for shoes, low-rise jeans are perfect with small heels, for more femininity, or with sneakers, for a more casual style. However, avoid very high heels, because badly tuned, they could be in bad taste.

Low-rise jeans: our outfit ideas

Whether you want to sport a casual or chic look, it is possible to be very trendy with the return of low-rise jeans for this year!

Here are some outfit ideas you might like:

A trendy and sensual summer outfit

Here we present you an outfit that combines the faded light blue low rise jeans with a white top.

This little asymmetrical top reveals a bare shoulder to accentuate your femininity and is very tight. Thus, it highlights your chest and reveals your belly for even more sensuality. He is tuned to baggy low rise jeans and sneakers.

This outfit characterizes a sensual, feminine and free woman.

An outfit for the most chilly

Low-rise jeans can also be worn with longer tops. So, skinny black low-rise pants pair perfectly with a tight, high-necked t-shirt that stops just at the waistline of the jeans.

It is also possible to wear a khaki-colored crop-top with a black skai jacket, but the jeans must be very loose.

Match the right accessories

In general, low-rise jeans are associated with a cropped top and reveal the belly, but you can personalize your look by adding stylish accessories: matching handbag, cloche hat (very trendy this year), bucket hat, cap, rhinestone belt, necklaces, bracelets, rings… and if you have a nice navel piercing, it’s time to show it off!

All the accessories must match your outfit (color, theme, etc.) to enhance and embellish the whole, it’s up to you to make the right combinations!

Variety of clothing styles with low-rise jeans

Despite specific dress codes, low-rise jeans offer many outfit possibilities. So you can create the most beautiful looks, whether casual, sensual or chic! All you need is a dash of fashion-forward dressing inspiration.

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Low waist jeans: the comeback! For who ? How ?
Low-rise jeans are making a comeback. Here’s how to wear it in style without looking like the Spice Girls. Morpho advice and look ideas


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