Make a success of your EVJF in Paris: 5 pitfalls to avoid

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Organizing a bachelorette party in the capital is something to dream about. With its monuments, its luxury boutiques, its restaurants, its parks and its many activities on offer, Paris offers something to diversify the activities during a bachelor party. In addition to being culturally lively and festive, the city of Paris has the advantage of having a very good urban transport network, which makes it possible to connect different districts in a short time. However, for make a success of your EVJF in Paris, better to have it well organized! Here are some tips and pitfalls to avoid for a dream Parisian bachelor party!

Book your activities in advance

With such a large city and so many possibilities, you might think that it would be very easy to find last-minute activities, but no! On the contrary, don’t forget that Paris attracts visitors from all over the world every year. You must have previously reserved its activities. Whether it’s for the fluidity of the hen party or to be sure to have activities to offer your group, booking is essential. It is also the same for accommodation if you want to spend a night in Paris or its outskirts.

Plan your trips

In the same way, remember to anticipate your trips to go from point A to point B. If you are from Paris, you will certainly not need this step, but if you come from another city, it can be quick to get lost in the city’s large transport network. Start before D-Day to look at which path to take for your outings in order to save time on your days. No question of taking 15 minutes to find which metro line to take! When you arrive in the capital, ask the girls to take several transport tickets for the weekend or a ticket for the day and evening, it would be a shame to have to queue at the terminals each time you travel…

Find your accommodation as soon as the date is fixed

Are you planning a night or more in the capital? Start now to look at apartment rentals or rentals from individuals to individuals. Another possible option can also be the hostel. If you do it too late, you run the risk of having to stay outside of Paris. Although the outskirts can be reached quickly with transport, this can lead to a loss of time and difficulties in returning from the evening. The earlier you go, the more chances you have of finding good value for money with a privileged distance. !

Make time to visit

bachelorette party Paris traps to avoid

An EVJF is always punctuated by activities, but in a city as beautiful as Paris (and in other cities too for that matter), you have to save time to wander the streets and visit. This is especially valid if you come from a city other than the capital. It would be a shame to return without having seen at least what makes the beauty of Paris. You can plan a picnic near the Champs Elysées or go for a walk in Montmartre and its old streets. Paris also has many relaxing and green parks in which to stroll. Between two activities or on Sunday, if you are there for the weekend, keep a time slot for these tourist walks. Girls generally like to have a little shopping time too, don’t forget that! Even if it is short, it will have had the merit of existing!

Watch out for pickpockets!

Shooting on the fly is everywhere in the big cities and especially in the capital! Don’t leave your purses open in crowded subways. Do not put anything in the small pockets of your backpacks and keep your laptops well secured in your inside pockets. There are a lot of pickpockets in Paris and it would be a shame to see this weekend ruined for something that could have been avoided, wouldn’t it?

EVJF Paris

Now that you know the list of pitfalls to avoid, it’s time to celebrate and celebrate the EVJF with dignity! Where are you going to start? Road trip in the city by bike or segway, boat trip on the Seine, treasure hunt throughout Paris, dinner with a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, the weekend promises to be unforgettable for your group and the bride!

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Make a success of your EVJF in Paris 5 pitfalls to avoid
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