Men’s Style Guide – Basic Building Blocks

Over the years one thing that’s been asked for by both women and men has been for a post on basic men’s style. Recently Nordstrom asked me to talk about men’s style and it was the little kick in the butt I needed to finally write about it! A lot of you have told me that you appreciate how my style is simple because it feels accessible. I believe the same is true for my husband Benson’s style, but even more so. He’s not “stylish” the way that guys in fashion blogs or magazines tend to be. He doesn’t wear trendy clothes or crazy patterns or complicated outfits, but, guys regularly complement him on his style. He looks really “normal,” but like he’s got himself together, and I think he is a great example of how dressing well can be easy and attainable. Since Benson’s style is so simple, it’s pretty easy to replicate his wardrobe. I thought it’d be helpful to talk about the building blocks that make up his wardrobe and recommend some of Benson’s favorite brands and pieces. Here are the building blocks of Benson’s wardrobe: Shop the Items: one | two | three | four | five […]

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