Morpho advice: which cut of long dress should you choose to show off?

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The long dress for women is the feminine dress par excellence. Pleasant to wear, it is one of the must-haves in our wardrobe all year round and even more so in summer! However, to be comfortable in your long dress, and what is more aesthetically flattering, it is important to choose your long dress according to your morphology. Depending on whether we are tall, small, with a belly or have a big chest, we will not all be as beautiful in the same dress cuts.

Do you know how to choose yours? Which long dress is made for your body type? ?

Which long dress to choose when you are small?

You don’t exceed 160 cm and you find it difficult to feel comfortable with a long dress? It is surely because you do not opt ​​for models adapted to your small size. Wearing a long dress when you’re little is quite possible and even recommended! But be careful, some dresses tend to pack down and accentuate the small size.

To start, you must forget the long XXL dresses lying on the floor. It is necessary to privilege fitted models which arrive at the level of the calves or midi dresses. There long slit dress can be an excellent option because it brings verticality and a very trendy style! It is also necessary to accessorize your long dress with heels (even small ones). If you don’t like heels, opt for wedges, it’s very fashionable this year.

Two other types of dresses go extremely well on petite women, these are long dresses that are fitted at the waist or those that become fluid under the chest. We think in particular of the sublime empire dress and the skater dress.

One last bit of advice to lengthen your silhouette: think about hairstyles that give height (high bun, bun on the top of the head). It’s an easy way to cheat a little and gain a few inches!

Which long dress to choose when you have a belly?

long dress when you have a belly

Do you have some roundness in your stomach? Avoid models of tight-fitting long dresses. The tube dress is not for you, but you have probably already experienced it. On the contrary, choose models that enhance the waist. Once again, the ideal dress for this is the long empire dress. THE bohemian dresses are also excellent choices with their fluid and light fabrics. Long floral dress, asymmetrical dress, off the shoulder dress, divert attention with prints and finishes. Ruffles on the upper body, cute tied straps, it doesn’t take much to structure the silhouette!

I have large breasts: which long dress should I choose?

In theory, having a big chest is not a problem when choosing a dress. All models are suitable. What is important is to choose a suitable neckline! Long dresses with V neckline where the wrap dresses are ideal to sublimate a generous chest.

I don’t like my arms!

long dress woman round

Are you complex about your curves in the arms? Above all, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of wearing sublime long dresses all year round. Just avoid models of dresses with very thin straps. They only accentuate the curves. The secret to slimming down is three-quarter sleeves !

Which long dress for curvy women?

Curvy women have many options to flatter their curves. If you are one of those who assume the curves, you can even choose long glamorous tight dresses. The ideal is to choose a light fabric with few prints or neutral colors. If you really like prints (polka dots, flowers or others), choose them small for a clean visual effect.

Do you prefer to hide your curves? Fall for flowing maxi dress models. There is no shortage of floaty dresses this year.

What is the ideal length of a long dress?

It is often said that the ideal size of a long dress is the one that reaches the level of the malleolus. It really depends on your body type. THE midi dresses are very trendy this year and redefine the silhouette, especially when worn with heels. Try several models and look at yourself in a mirror. You will probably find that several lengths suit your figure. The important thing is to find a cut in which you feel beautiful.

Fashion tips!

Whatever your morphology, turn to trendy dress models. This year, we are falling for the romantic dresses or glamorous long straight dresses. Split and openwork dresses are also very fashionable. They are ideal for chic and special events that require a sophisticated dress code.

Accessories are very important! They add character to your outfit and emphasize your entire style. Not to mention that they also allow you to flatter the morphology. Curvy women, for example, can wear necklaces or vertical earrings to lengthen the silhouette. It’s a very simple trick to know to put yourself all the more in value in a long dress!

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Morpho advice: which cut of long dress should you choose to show off?
Which long dress cut is flattering for your body type? Long skater dress for the little ones, empire dress for the round ones, here are the prettiest..


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