Skin with imperfections: 4 natural treatments to adopt urgently

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Are you very sensitive to external aggressions (stress, pollution, UV)? Do you still have skin problems such as redness, itching, acne, blackheads, enlarged pores? You are surely one of the women who have a blemished skin type. Having this type of skin is disturbing because it is not easy to find a beauty routine that does not accentuate imperfections. Every day, it is in your best interest to use natural care to treat your skin. Soap, vegetable oils, natural masks, here are some tips for adopting a new daily beauty routine! Make way for the new skin and bye the skin blemishes !

What is blemished skin?

The term “imperfections” includes several skin problems. It is often used to designate dry or oily skin, a blurred complexion, a tendency to have redness or acne pimples. Blemished skin is also prone to enlarged pores, blackheads, grainy skin and T-zone shine.

4 natural treatments perfect for treating blemished skin

CBD oil

CBD face oil

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a very broad-spectrum natural product in the field of cosmetics. Recommended for all skin types for its many benefits, it is the essential ally for imperfect skin. Indeed, in the form of CBD vegetable oil as you will find here, this ingredient is a beauty revealer. Acne, redness, dull and tired skinCBD oil is even used and recommended for effectively treat inflamed skin problems. It is used as an elixir to counter the effects of psoriasis, rosacea, rosacea or even eczema!

If CBD oil shows very good results in a beauty routine, it is because it contains vitamins, fatty acids and proteins that rebalance the skin. While having nourishing and moisturizing functionsit soothes and regulates the excess sebum involved in the T-zone, acne, etc.

In the evening and in the morning, it is applied to cleansed skin in a gentle circular massage.

The aloe vera

Aloe vera has great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps tissues to regenerate to slow down skin aging. It is also a healing ingredient for those with acne pimples or acne pimple scars. Very effective on redness, it comes immediately soothe sensitized skin. Finally, it also reduces the feeling of grainy skin.

On a daily basis, you can use it every morning and evening or occasionally to reduce skin inflammation.

jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a perfect oil for blemished skin. First of all, because she is sebum regulating of sebum, which means that it regulates the sebum production of the skin. Unlike other make-up remover care products, it does not clog the pores of the skin. Its main advantage is that it has a strong moisturizing power. The discreet film it leaves on the epidermis protects it from external aggressions. To use it, just take a few drops of its oil in the palm of your hand and then heat it. We then gently massage the face with it.

If you have oily skin, rest assured, it leaves no greasy film after application. His antioxidant properties improve skin suppleness. She also promotes cell renewal. Jojoba oil can be applied as a protective and moisturizing day care or as a night care. We can also use it as a cleansing oil for skin with imperfections since its composition is very close to the sebum naturally produced by the skin!

The Charcoal Mask

If you have oily or combination skin with imperfections, the charcoal mask will be a real beauty ally for you. He perfectly detoxifies the epidermis by removing all impurities. Charcoal absorbs excess sebum and releases asphyxiated skin. Therefore, it is perfect to help you rejuvenate. Once applied, it will even lighten the complexion to give it a healthy glow. It is recommended to do it once a week on clean skin.

What facial cleanser for skin with imperfections?

goat milk soap

In addition to the care used on a daily basis, it is essential to adapt your beauty routine to your skin type. All comedogenic face washes should be put aside. On the contrary, you must use a soap that does not attack or irritate the skin. The use of a natural soap is recommended. THE donkey milk soap and the goat milk soap are both great for treating redness. They deeply cleanse and purify the epidermis without suffocating it.

Another important point to note: it is important not to wipe your face vigorously with a towel after cleaning your face. We recommend tapping delicately with tissues.

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Skin with imperfections: 4 natural treatments to adopt urgently
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