Skintermittent fasting: skin fasting to be tested according to dermatologists

After the no poo, the no make-up and many other beauty trends that we test year after year, here comes the fasting skintermitter! On the program: a skin that takes its care leave to be able to breathe and renew itself! Why does this promise really make us want to try? What exactly is skintermittent fasting and how to integrate it into your new beauty routine? Here is how to fast for skin to then enjoy a wonderful fresh and renewed complexion!

Definition of the term Skintermitter fasting

As you know, we are talking more and more about slow cosmetics and green cosmetics lately. With a major concern in our minds: taking care of our skin with healthy and high quality products. Wouldn’t the solution be to take breaks in our beauty routines? Rather than applying day care every morning and evening (even natural ones), isn’t it better to let our skin fast? This is what we saw freshly arriving on social networks in the news feeds: skintermitter fasting Or cosmetic fasting ! At the initiative of this beauty trend? Dermatologists closely followed by beauty influencers and green beautistas who swear by new cosmetic trials to flatter their skin. We must say that the idea is enticing since it consists in let your skin breathe between two treatments.

How does this intermittent skin fasting work?

Do you want to try this natural beauty technique? Simply start by letting your skin breathe by giving it breaks on certain days. No need to be radical in withdrawing all your care from one day to the next. Start by stopping putting on make-up on the weekends or during the day if you are telecommuting or even if you are going to work. Stop the multiple treatments in the evening and in the morning and limit yourself to cleansing the skin with mild soap to remove dirt. Exit layering. You will see for yourself, after only a few days, that your epidermis will be quickly plumped upe. For what ? Quite simply because you stop feeding it with products that are too aggressive. The main objective is really to redo your epidermal barrier. Some active ingredients that are too powerful (even if they are effective), attack the epidermis over time. In the long term, they can cause irritation, redness and clog the pores of the skin.

What beauty and care products can be used during a skin fast?

Skintermitter fasting dermatologist

Some products still have their interest during your beauty break. This is particularly the case of anti-UV sunscreen which protects against the harmful rays of the sun, the main cause of premature ageing. Morning and evening cleansing is essential, but with a natural product. A soap without soap, for example, is an ideal choice. Cleansing your skin remains essential, because it is constantly subject to external aggressions. It therefore needs to be dismantled. It is also possible to use the moisturizing properties of pure and 100% natural vegetable oils. What is important is to choose an oil that matches your skin needs. Otherwise, you can always submit organic moisturizer on your skin to make sure you rebalance it during your fast.


Skintermittent fasting: skin fasting to be tested according to dermatologists
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Skintermittent fasting: skin fasting to be tested according to dermatologists
Dermatologists recommend sensitive skin to test skintermittent fasting also called skin fasting. The goal is to leave the epidermis…

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