Tailor-made suit for men: for what type of occasion and how to wear it?

Wearing a made-to-measure suit makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great way to be perfectly comfortable in your costume. For a special evening, a festive event or a wedding, the made-to-measure suit will certainly be an ally. It will give you a unique and elegant style. What are the benefits of bespoke suit compared to a traditional costume? How to accessorize it? We take stock.

When should you wear a bespoke suit?

There are more occasions than you think to wear a bespoke suit. It’s simple, it can already be worn for all formal occasions that you would experience in your life. Weddings, baptisms, formal evenings at work, graduations, special occasions require you to make an effort on the outfit. But that’s not all, your made-to-measure suit can also accompany you for your job interviewsyour business meeting or when corporate events For example. In the personal or professional world, it will be just as well suited.

The benefits of bespoke suits

It flatters your body like no other suit

The made-to-measure suit for men breaks down all the constraints linked to morphology. If it is sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for in the shops, the made-to-measure suit is a little personalized nugget. It adapts perfectly to your curves. It is not not too big, not too tight, not too long, not too short, it is simply perfect (more details on the Tailortrucks.com store). If you have a large bust, very muscular shoulders, you are very thin and slender or another physical criterion that adds difficulty, you will be more than happy to be able to offer yourself this luxury.

In store, many costumes may please you, but they generally require alterations to be made. With tailor-made, you no longer need to go through this retouching box. The costume is tailor-made to flatter your morphology!

It is unique

Your piece being made to measure, it is absolutely unique and unlike any other. Whether you want a made-to-measure two-piece or three-piece suit, it is you, and only you, who will have chosen its material, its color, but also the texture of the fabric used. The finishes are also those you imagined (seam lapels, pockets in your image, type of collar, shirt size, etc.).

How to accessorize it?

Impossible to finalize your ultra smart look without thinking of adding some accessories to your made-to-measure suit. Accessories allow you to personalize your outfit. They show a little more about your tastes, sublimate your personality and accentuate the image you want to give of yourself. Bow ties, ties, cufflinks, pocket squares are therefore essential accessories with the suit. Not to mention the shoes, which should be as stylish as the rest of your look.

As for the belt, it is more than recommended for a clean and neat style. If you really do not want to wear them, it is advisable to ask for a tightening tab on your suit pants.

How does it go to get a custom made suit?

bespoke suit for men

A first appointment consists of choosing from thousands of references from prestigious houses the fabric of your suit. You will then detail your entire project down to the smallest detail with the tailor… Which lining do you want? What types of buttons, collars, lapels, etc. Finally, your measurements will be taken to determine the cut that will show you the most and refine your design.

A few weeks later (usually three or four weeks later)a second appointment is scheduled for the fittings. For people in a hurry, know that there are sometimes express services to have your costume made without delay. This second appointment allows adjustments to be made, if necessary.

During a final meeting, you check that the adjustments made are in line with your wishes. Your costume is finally ready!

What is the cost of a service like this?

Tailor-made is a high quality service that allows you to find the perfect cut for your build. It is therefore normal that the price of a made-to-measure suit is a little higher than a basic suit. Nevertheless, there are tailor-made costume creation services at very affordable prices. If we take into account the fact that we won’t need to make costly alterations to adapt our suit, tailor-made is sometimes even an economical solution in relation to the quality of the service provided. Remember, this is a unique costume, you can keep it all your life because it will have been designed in noble and resistant materials.

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Tailor-made suit for men: for what type of occasion and how to wear it?
For all your formal and semi-formal occasions, find out why you should opt for a bespoke men’s suit. Elegant and chic, you will have a piece ..

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