The art and how to wear the burgundy men’s suit well

Among the elegant and sophisticated shades of suits, it is impossible not to mention the burgundy suit. Much less traditional than navy blue or black, burgundy is a shade worth exploring. Indeed, a burgundy men’s suit is really all that is more dressy. It also gives a very modern touch and stands out from other suit colors. For weddings or formal events, it is a safe choice and an ally! Are you looking for advice on how to appropriate the wearing of the mens burgundy suit in style? Here’s how to choose and accessorize it!

Burgundy suit for men: an elegant choice for important events

Yes, it is true that burgundy is not a shade that we naturally dare to dress in everyday life. At least not when it comes to a costume. Generally, men prefer to turn to more neutral and less noticeable shades. However for weddings, it is a very appropriate choice. ! As a guest outfit or even from burgundy groom suit, you will see that it is a choice that causes a sensation. Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to accessorize! A burgundy pocket square, a bow tie or a tie, nice shoes and voila!

The wedding is not the only event where you can wear it. Ball, chic evening, baptism, all formal and semi-formal events are more opportunities to adopt it. With him you will be always in the right tone to show off your distinguished style !

Does this mean that it is not possible to wear it every day? Of course not ! It is not because they are few to adopt it that the burgundy men’s suit is not incredibly stylish. On the contrary, you will see that with him, you will not fail to get noticed for your good taste. The burgundy suit can even adapt to a semi-casual style. We now see it in breathable and natural materials, such as linen or cotton. It doesn’t necessarily have to be velvet, silk, or satin, as seen at formal evenings. The secret to making it a casual chic piece? Pair it with sneakers and a white T-shirt! It’s simple, yet it works every time!

How to choose the right burgundy suit?

The importance of the cut

Like any outfit for men, you must always pay particular attention to the cut of your suit. It is the BABA to be well dressed. The ideal is to know what type of suit is suitable for your morphology. The length of the sleeves, the size of the jacket, the way the pants are cut, everything is important. A choice of made-to-measure burgundy suit can be considered if it is a wedding or a very important event.

The choice of material

mens burgundy suit

The material is decisive and adapts according to the seasons. Obviously, if it’s winter, it’s easier to adopt the slightly thick burgundy wool suit (ideal option for a men’s wedding suit). Velvet is also an option to explore. Be careful however, velvet and burgundy, give a really very refined style. Are you more of a bohemian chic type? Why not try the burgundy tweed suit? On a daily basis, it is easy to wear.

In summer, it will have to be selected much lighter. Wool can adapt to high temperatures, but it must be fine. Cotton and linen are preferred materials depending on the occasion you are going to.

What shoes to wear with the burgundy suit?

Trainers, derbies, oxfords, it all depends on the desired style. As far as colors are concerned, we generally start with white for sneakers and casual style or on black, burgundy or dark brown shoes for dress shoes.

Colors and accessories with burgundy: some ideas…

men's burgundy suit accessory

  • Here are some look ideas to accessorize your burgundy suit. It’s up to you to pick from it depending on the occasion for which you wear it:
  • A pink, black, beige bow tie or with a liberty print in pink and beige tones;
  • A gray or burgundy suit waistcoat with a white shirt;
  • A buttonhole of dried flowers for weddings;
  • A white shirt ;
  • A basic white round-neck or V-neck T-shirt;

So, what do you think ? Do you feel ready to try the elegant burgundy men’s suit experience? I promise, if you choose it well suited to your morphology, it will be absolutely beautiful, whether during the day, at a wedding or an evening!

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The art and how to wear the burgundy men’s suit well
The burgundy suit for men is a very dressy type of suit. Ideal for weddings, it can also be worn much more casually.

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