The art of birth announcements: how to come up with original ideas?

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The birth announcement is an essential ritual to celebrate the arrival of a baby. While some parents like to stay traditional with classic birth announcements, others yearn to want to stand out. Indeed, with an original birth announcement, you can be sure to surprise those around you and arouse their interest. We’re not going to hide it, nobody likes to imagine their announcement ending up in a drawer under a pile of files! How to find beautiful ideas to impress your loved ones with a beautiful birth announcement changing ? Here are some tips to help you!

Opt for original shapes

To arouse the admiration of loved ones at the opening of the announcement, it will be necessary demonstrate originality. Exit the classic formats and make room for novelty. Today, there are sublime formats of birth announcements on specialized sites. These sites are real sources of inspiration for finding original ideas to impress your loved ones. Birth announcements in the form of bookmarks, round birth announcements, triptychsstart by exploring the different forms available to you.

There are now very playful versions, such as the casserole announcement or even the birth announcement magnet. Are you a DIY ace? Put yourself in origami to create your own announcement!

Do not forget the finishes, because they are what make all the difference. A ribbon, a string, a pretty bow that preciously surrounds the invitation, that gives authenticity to your creation!

Choose materials that change

To highlight your baby announcement, do not hesitate to select materials that change. A nature announcement in kraft or recycled paper, embossed gilding, a watercolor drawing enhanced by transparent glossy paper, dare to think outside the box. If you want a high quality rendering, turn to iridescent papers which offer marvelous metallic and silver reflections. The latter highlight the announcements with photography very well.

Failing to choose an original shape, bet on quality to impress your family and friends. Make them happy with an elegant, sophisticated announcement.

Also consider the finishes. It’s not enough to have a beautiful announcement, you also need a beautiful envelope in which to slip it. Add, for example, a pretty baby sticker to seal your envelope.

Improvise baby photographer

birth announcement

If you want to impress your loved ones, start by selecting the most beautiful baby photos. Of course, for you, your baby is always beautiful, that goes without saying, but you will have to try to take an artistic photo as a photographer would have done. Improvise yourself professional time for a photo shoot with baby. Not only will you have beautiful memories to keep, but you will also have beautiful photos to create your announcement.

start with take care of baby’s clothes. Put it in the colors of the theme of your announcement, for example. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from famous photos by placing baby in a pretty basket lined with a soft blanket.

Avoid photos with the pacifier in your mouth. The idea is to make those around you crack!

Do you have small woolen clothes to dress baby? Use them to create stunning photos to add to the announcement!

Take care of the text

Most birth announcements all have the same type of text. These are often pre-written texts on which all you have to do is change the baby’s name, weight, height and date of birth. However, nothing is more pleasant thanwrite your own baby announcement text. For what ? Because by putting your pen there, we will find your personality! And after all, you are the first concerned by this beautiful arrival. So take a few minutes to put some notes on paper. You will see that you will probably be more inspired than you imagined!

Include a touch of humor

In this spirit of personalization of the announcement, do not hesitate to add a touch of humor. It’s always nice to receive an announcement like this. You don’t need to go big on it, a simple sentence with a little lighter tone can be enough to make your text fun. Only you know what can make those around you laugh! Are you out of ideas? Take inspiration from your child’s characteristic traits, any similarities with siblings or parents. Draw a parallel with the theme of your invitation. For example, if you have chosen an illustration with stars and bluish paper, evoke the birth of a little astronomer.

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The art of birth announcements: original ideas
Do you want to impress those around you with a sublime birth announcement? Here’s how to create a beautiful announcement that goes beyond the traditional with charm and…


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