Tips for partying safely

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At home, with friends or in the evening outside, all opportunities to have fun are good to seize. But for the party not to turn into a nightmare, it is necessary to take precautions before, during and after the festivities. How to have fun at a party safely? Our advices.

Charge your phone’s battery

Before leaving for the evening, it is better to take the time to charge your phone’s battery to the maximum. And to save the useful contacts in its directory.

Have a functional means of communication allows you to call a taxi to go home, to give news to your loved ones, to alert someone in the event of a problem…

Anticipate the return after the party

Before even leaving to party, it is advisable to plan the modalities to return well. When leaving the party, already knowing how we are going to get back is always preferable.

Book private transport, buy public transport tickets in advance and check timetablesdesignate a driver who must remain sober, locate the return trip… avoids the headache of the end of the evening, and the galleys.

Indeed, on the spot, it is not always possible to find someone, friend or transport professional, in physical or material capacity to bring us back.

Designate a SAM

At parties, alcohol is often part of it. Driving after drinking is dangerous and, above a certain threshold, reprehensible. Blowing into a breathalyzer allows you to check your blood alcohol level.

To avoid the dangers of drunk driving, a SAM must be appointed. He agrees not to consume alcohol during the evening and to bring his friends back. It must be a trustworthy person, serious in its commitments.

The party captain is always indispensable, no matter how long the journey after the party.

Avoid going alone

On foot or by public transport, it is better to avoid going home alone as much as possible.

Be accompanied by a trusted person at least for your journey on footsitting close to the driver in the bus or metro… limits the likelihood of having a bad encounter.

Have an anti-aggression tool on you

tear gas bomb

Reassuring, useful and easy to use, it is possible to carry an anti-aggression tool with you when going out. Some of the options available include tear gas canister, shocker, taser, defense baton and pepper spray. Tear gas and pepper spray can neutralize an attacker from a distance causing temporary eye, nose and throat irritation. The defense stick is a solid and compact tool that can be used to defend oneself in the event of physical aggression. Shockers and tasers are electrical devices that send an electric shock to an attacker, causing severe pain and temporary inability to move (learn more here and find Pelta’s shockers and tasers for more info on this). There is also pocket alarmwhich sounds an audible alarm at the touch of a button.

Compact, the anti-aggression tool slips easily into a pocket. A format that allows you to always have it on you, even during a party.

Moderate your alcohol consumption

Moderate your alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol in excess leads to dangerous and sometimes inappropriate behavior. The reaction time in the event of a problem is extended.

Also, alcohol mixtures often and quickly make you sick.

Moderation is therefore a key word to enjoy the party.

Stay sleeping on site

In the absence of a SAM or a safe means of transport to return, staying overnight is the best solution.

A valid advice also for anyone who does not feel well during or after the party.

Use an anti-GHB varnish, drink tester

varnish anti ghb

Alas, the date rape drug has become a real scourge at parties. Anyone can face it. Drink testers make it possible to verify that no one has slipped GHB or ketamine into their drink.

A special nail polish reacts to contact with the drug by changing color. Just pour a drop of the contents of his glass on his fingernail carrying a verni anti-GHB to know if the liquid can be drunk or not.

Coasters also allow make sure your drink is safe before consuming it.

Protect your drink

Carrying your drink with you everywhere or covering your glass with an anti-drug lid prevents anyone from inserting any unwanted substance into it.

Let us know that we are well back from the evening

Getting into the habit of saying goodbye to your friends present at a party when you leave and letting everyone know that you have returned safely helps reassure everyone.

Also, it is a way to quickly give the alert in case of abnormally long silence.

Take self-defense classes

During a party, it is possible to be annoyed or assaulted. Self-defense courses allow you to know how to react in these perilous situations to protect yourself.

Take condoms with you

Holidays are conducive to bonding. If the temperature rises, it is good to have condoms on you. Vending machines are not always available at or near the party venue.

Stay attentive to others

Partying is above all sharing a good time with others. It is therefore also necessary know how to be attentive to others, remain vigilant about their behavior. Lives are at stake!


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