Transparent eyeliner: the new make-up trend stolen from the stars

This is the new make-up in vogue in recent weeks: the transparent eyeliner! Spotted on Bella Hadid, one of the hottest it-girls in the world, the trend only took a few hours to be relayed on social media around the world. THE #transparenteyeliner already accumulates several thousand views at the time of writing this article. Did you dream of ultra-discreet cat-eyes? It is for this 2023 makeup trend that you must succumb this summer! How to apply makeup with clear eyeliner ? What are the steps to not miss? Here’s what you need to know about this method!

Transparent eyeliner: what is it exactly? Who can use it?

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The eyeliner has already been an essential in our make-up bags for years. Also, it is not surprising to see it revisited in adapted versions of our current beauty trends. The eyeliner is a precious beauty ally. It redefines the look, gives depth and relief. However, it must be admitted, the black eyeliner can tend to give a style very made up or sometimes even, to harden the look. During the day, it will not suit all women, and especially those who like the nude and refined style. Fortunately now, there is the transparent eyeliner or as some call it the transparent graphic liner! As its name suggests, it isa translucent formula that adds subtle definition to the eyes without overpowering them like a black eyeliner does. It is perfect for those who want a natural or minimalist makeup. It is used for several purposes such as to emphasize the line of the upper eyelashes. This creates the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes without the need for bulky mascara or false lashes.

One of the benefits of clear eyeliner is that it suitable for all skin tones and all iris colors. It complements any type of makeup and can be worn alone or layered over other eyeliners for added depth and dimension.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to apply, which makes it perfect for all women, even the less skilful when it comes to make-up.

Transparent eyeliner: tutorial for applying it!

  • The idea is simple: you have to trace the outline of a cat eye with the first makeup product you are going to apply. For this you will needa concealer. Not just any, but one that suits your skin tone. In other words, you may already know that you have to choose a shade above your own skin tone for a discreet result.
  • Then you apply a nude eyeshadow to your eyelids to standardize.
  • Next step : the line with the corrector using a beveled brush ! All you need to do is draw two thin lines as you would with your traditional eyeliner. Then blend to the end of the outer corner to keep the desired foxy eyes effect. During this step of drawing, everything is allowed in terms of style. If you like graphic shapes with an XXL comma, a well-defined line or other, do not hesitate to personalize your make-up.
  • Last step : fix your makeup with a translucent powder for a long-lasting, non-drip make-up!

Magnetic transparent eyeliner: the two in one to try!

The magnetic transparent eyeliner is an eyeliner that is used to attach magnetic false eyelashes! It leaves no streaks and is very easy to apply in seconds. To put it simply, it applies exactly as you want to apply it. It is applied in two layers and allows you to put on your false eyelashes in doll play mode!

Why do we love this new makeup trend?

Because it is incredibly fresh and simply perfect for summer! It is ingenious, original while being discreet. Then, it must be admitted, it’s really easy to achieve if you know how to handle the line of the eyeliner! Finally, it only requires a few essential makeup products, which we almost all already have in our beauty bags. Haven’t tried it yet but are tempted? Go, to your brushes and your make-up tutorials to test!!!! Personally, at the editorial office, we are conquered by this new trend to look beautiful. In the evening, as in the day, to use without moderation to stand out!

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Transparent eyeliner: the new make-up trend stolen from the stars
Transparent eyeliner is the new make-up darling of beautistas. It creates a natural and discreet make-up while being original. Easy to apply,…

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