Wednesday core: we have analyzed the trend for you!

Everyone knows the famous Adams Family, a successful 80s film. More recently, it was for the Wednesday series that we were able to find one of the film’s key characters: Wednesday (in French). This Tim Burton production that appeared on Netflix features the adventures of the young girl played by Jenna Ortega. In the episodes, we discover the dark looks of Wednesday Adams, inspired by the Gothic universe, but with a touch of modernity. Since then, it is the madness with young people who have seized this style of dress to transform it into a fashion trend called the Wednesdaycore !

What is Wednesdaycore?

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The dress style inspired by Wednesday’s looks in the series is a clever mix of several other styles. We find there the wise cuts of the pretty girl schoolthose destroy and dark of gothic looks and finally lots of glamor and chic with punctilious and noble details. As Bridgerton fans have done with Bridgerton dresses and baroque looks, Wednesday’s have been carefully studied to suit our modern trends.

We should also point out that this trend also inspires designers which draw from the dark universe of Tim Burton to surprise us and reinvent themselves. From Balmain to Givenchy, Wednesdaycore is clearly imbued in the collections. This is a movement that really takes a foothold in another recent trend: the barbiecore trend. Both are stylistically opposites, yet they are adored by people who find themselves in one or the other of these universes. The total black look is therefore fashionable this year and it is not the social networks that will say the opposite! Not a day goes by without discovering in the Instagram or TikTok feed appropriations of looks from this gothic-punk dress style 3.0.

Wednesday Adams’ outfits in the series where the art of chic gothic!

weekend core look


Wednesday Adams’ looks may look easy to create, but they’re actually quite polished. It’s all in the art of the right dosage to create a goth-looking look and make it a more current and elegant outfit. One of the basics of locker room Wednesday is of course Wednesday Adams’ dress. It is the emblematic piece of the centerpiece of the game: the gothic or glam rock little black dress depending on how you see it. In tulle or lace, it has a high collar and a short cut. She can also be a little black dress style high school girl worn over a basic white ribbed tee. For other looks, you can choose bomber jackets dark lacquered, oversized jackets army spirit, long black dresses or beautiful antique lace blouses.

Modern-day favorite: the black sheer lace bodysuit ! Ultra glam, it can serve as a base for a tulle petticoat and evening shoes.

wednesdaycore outfit ideas


5 tips for a successful Wednesdaycore look

wenesday core outfit


  • Cherish black at will, but not only! While it’s obvious that Wednesday Adams’ wardrobe is mostly hued in black, it also needs white sometimes for contrast. Modernity is blowing a wind of novelty which also makes it possible to appropriate the trend with burgundy clothes or some retro prints, such as polka dots, for example. By the way, speaking of prints, you can also use checks, XXL stripes, gingham prints and other BCBG prints.
  • Think about choosing retro pieces. We think in particular of the Claudine collar dress or the Claudine collar blouse. You also have antique steampunk-inspired dresses with their iconic Victorian-style frills and frills.

wenesday core outfit ideas


  • On the feet, zoom on shoes halfway between modernity and Gothic shoes! I quote the black leather boots for women of course! Ranger boots, chunky boots, make the boots the stars of your looks. Black Doc Martens worn with cropped denim cuts can also look great. Finally, for even more femininity, dare babies in black patent leather with little ruffled socks.
  • Don’t forget to apply varnish or semi-permanent black to be Wednesdaycore to your fingertips!
  • For the hairstyle, braid your hair in pigtails on each side or make a ultra chic high ponytail for your evening wear.

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Wednesday core: we have analyzed the trend for you!
The Wednesday core trend has become more and more popular in recent weeks. What is the dress code for this Wednesday Adams inspired dress style..

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