What warm dress to choose when it’s cold?

The dress, this all-in-one garment so practical and comfortable that we would like to wear it all year round. If we can prolong the pleasure of wearing our summer dresses in autumn by using layers, this is not the case when the first frosts of winter arrive or when Spring is not as mild as usual.

Exit summer materials such as linen or certain light cottons, your body calls for cozy or thick fabrics to warm it up. Short, midi or long, the winter dress is available in all lengths to suit all styles and all tastes.

What materials to choose to be warm even in a dress?

Wool : soft, warm, light, breathable and ecological, it is the star material for winter.

The flannel: A light and loosely-fitting woolen fabric, flannel is a soft and fluffy fabric that is perfectly suited to cold temperatures.

The silk : thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, this fine and natural fabric will keep you as warm in winter as it will keep you cool in summer.

The cotton : A natural textile fiber, cotton benefits from the same thermal advantages as silk. You will appreciate its contact with the skin.

Jersey: fine wool knit with stitches only on the face, it is extremely supple and lends itself perfectly to making dresses.

suede and leather : Used by man since the dawn of time, suede and leather are winter materials par excellence. If you don’t want to wear skin, opt for the suede or imitation leather.

Velvet : fabric made of close-cut, close-cropped hair, the velvet can be mohair, silk, cotton or polyester. Soft, thick and warm, it comes in all colors and has been a winter staple for decades.

The sweater dress

warm sweater dress

This is the warmest of all winter dresses. Whatever your morphology, you will find the ideal model.

A black sweater dress in a tube dress style very close to the body will be perfect for the evening if you combine it with pumps.

In a more casual spirit, opt for a midi length and a turtleneck model. Choose a straight or flared cut, then warm up your legs with a pair of boots or waders.

As for the mini sweater dress, it can be worn in a rock spirit with a pair of leather lace-up boots with large soles, like the superb beige knit zipped dress by Fendi, exclusively at 24s.

The slit dress

She will gladly lend herself to a sexy winter look without overdoing it. So, to adopt the slit dress despite inclement temperatures, choose a midi length wrap model as well as an essential pair of tights. Accompany the set with beautiful knee-high leather boots.

If you don’t want to wear a low neckline, bet on a straight cut dress with a turtleneck that you will come to belt. Pair it with heeled ankle boots, then finish by wearing a long XXL coat.

The blazer dress

hot blazer dress

Like its cousin the suit jacket, the blazer dress will adapt to all body types. Straight, fitted, oversized, long or short, its cut will allow you to structure your figure while subtly revealing your neckline. Checks, stripes, houndstooth, sober or flashy colors, the panel is wide.

For an everyday look, let yourself be tempted by a belted model that you will associate with flat ankle boots with wide soles. For a festive look, bet on a blazer dress with sequins or sequins and a nice pair of high-heeled shoes.

The shirt dress

The shirt dress, now a staple of the female wardrobe, finds its place in summer and winter alike on the catwalks of the greatest designers.

The trend is XXL, so do not hesitate to adopt the oversize dress. If you choose a long model, undo a few buttons to let your legs appear, and come and dress them with a nice pair of boots. To further feminize your silhouette, don’t forget to mark your waist with a belt.

You can also set your sights on a mini leather shirt dress to which you will associate a long wool coat. Come and warm up your legs with a pair of flat thigh-high boots or small block heels.

The pinafore dress

pinafore warm winter dress

This model of sleeveless dress slightly flared and emblematic of the sixties will accompany you throughout the year.

In winter, you can give your style a retro touch by unearthing models made in soft and warm materials, such as velvet or suede. Slip a fine-knit sweater or a striped turtleneck under your dress. In a “bowler hat and leather boots” spirit, dare white shoes by wearing a pair of waders or knee-high flat boots.

Finally, don’t forget to bet on hats, berets and caps to refine all your outfits in winter dress.

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