Which shirt color for which wedding suit?

In terms of style, it is essential to choose your wedding shirt according to your suit. It is only once you are sure of this choice that you can look for which color of shirt to associate your ensemble with. Indeed, not all shirt colors go well with a black, blue or gray groom’s suit. For some, it’s a difficult exercise and it’s not always easy to know how to marry your pieces to create the perfect groom’s outfit. You hesitate on the wedding shirt color to choose ? Here are some tips so you don’t go wrong!

Groom’s shirt: always a shade lighter than the wedding suit

Before guiding you in more detail on choosing the most suitable shades, please note this valuable advice: your shirt color should always be lighter than your suit color. In this way, it is your suit that remains the highlight of your groom’s look. The shirt, it only agrees to optimize your style. It can bring a bit of your personality by adding color, but should never be the one that is noticed first to the detriment of your elegant groom’s suit.

The white shirt: the one that goes with everything

If it is a fact that certain colors are difficult to match with colorful suits, this is not the case with a white shirt for men. It is a must-have in the men’s wardrobe when wearing a formal suit. It will also go well under a terracotta, grey, navy blue, pink or black suit. Being the most adopted shade, white is very easy to find for the bride and groom. It comes in different cuts and styles of very dressy or more casual shirts. We see, for example, this year, the arrival of white linen shirts for brides in certain universes.

Give me the color of your suit, I’ll tell you which color of shirt to select…

light gray groom suit

Light gray is one of the colors favored by future spouses. Its elegant shade blends into the sophisticated world of weddings, whatever the theme. It pairs particularly well with a white shirt Or a light blue or pale pink shirt.

The black groom’s suit

Again, this is the easiest white shirt to accessorize. It will bring the perfect luminosity to illuminate the dressed style of your black suit. Not to mention that it will always be possible to put a touch of originality or color in accessories such as the tie or the bow tie.

The pink suit

In recent months, the bride and groom are more daring to use a pronounced color. Also, we see more and more of them adopting the trend of the light pink wedding suit. To show off, the bride and groom then select a chic white shirt or sometimes a pink shirt even lighter than the color of their suit.

The blue suit

what color shirt groom

With the blue suit, it is once again the white that goes best. However, it may be men’s white shirt with prints. We think for example of a white wedding shirt with stripes, polka dots or other discreet prints in bluish tones.

green wedding suit

Green is also on the rise among newlyweds. Whether sage green Or dark green, it forms a perfect combo with a simple white shirt or a white shirt with small prints. This will primarily depend on the style of the groom and the wedding theme. Those who want something more original with a fashionable touch, will not hesitate to associate it with prints. Masculine wedding accessories can also be used to differentiate themselves.

3 tips for choosing the right wedding shirt

  • Opt for a very dressy shirt with a nice collar. The latter is a very important detail in the aesthetic rendering of your groom’s outfit;
  • Always opt for a cut that flatters your morphology. Not all men will look the same in a similar cut;
  • Always consider the theme of your wedding. For example, if you have chosen as your theme the country weddingTHE pastel colors are recommended. You can choose a sand, beige, apricot or pink groom’s shirt. Pale blue is also a precious ally to bring a little contrast to your wedding outfit. If you are looking for a safe bet, opt for a tone for classic, but which works for sure: white! A white shirt will always show off your suit, no matter what color it is.

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Which shirt color for which wedding suit?
Do you already have an idea in mind for the color of your wedding suit? Here’s how not to make a mistake and choose the right shirt color…

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