Which women’s pants to choose according to their morphology?

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If we often approach the subject of trendy women’s pants, it may be time to clarify a point on them. Do you know how to choose them according to your morphology? Pants, there are dozens and dozens. Straight cut, bootcut, wide pants, 7/8th pants, what type of cut is made for your figure ? By learning to recognize flattering cuts for your morphology, you will sublimate your daily looks and gain confidence! Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Low waist: the ally of H-shaped morphologies

H silhouettes do not have a very marked waist. They have aligned shoulders and hips. Their morphology can sometimes lack curves. This is why to avoid the athletic and straight silhouette effect, it is important to mark the waist and the top of the hips. Be careful however, the high waist is really not recommended. The secret ally is the low waist. Not a fan of Y2K looks reminiscent of low-rise pants from the 90s? Don’t panic, there are low waist and ultra low waist! Slim pants are particularly tight since they will hug the curves. The one that should be avoided above all is straight pants, which would accentuate the H side of your figure.

Flare or flared high waist: the essential trouser cuts for A-shaped morphologies

Have you read that the low waist is back in fashion? Rest assured, the high waist is not about to disappear. Few women still dare to return to low-rise pants, except those for whom it is an obvious choice for the silhouette. Good news, the high-waisted women’s pants are exactly what you need (more details here: https://www.christine-laure.fr/pantalons.html)! Is your upper body narrower than your lower body? He is essential to mark your size !

To harmonize your curves, go for straight pants. Avoid flared pants that add bulk to the lower body. Prefer them in dark colors and wear the color on the upper body.

Round body types: make skinny jeans your favorite pants!

woman pants

Women with a morphology have more interest in marking their size and emphasizing their neckline. You have to use the curves to make it a major asset. Thus, we recommend high-waisted slim pants with a slight stretch for the lower body. Wide pants are to be avoided because they add volume, as are pants that are too tapered.

7/8 pants and wide pants: darlings of V body types

V-shapes have hips that are narrower than their shoulders. Also, you have to focus on the lower body to harmonize the silhouette. 7/8th pants and wide pants are your allies. You can even wear cargo pants! Do you like the retro style of velvet pants? Perfect, it’s the kind of material ideal for adding a little volume to the lower body. Upstairs, on the other hand, wear fitted tops and blouses.

Pants cuts to avoid: anything that is too tight on the lower body (skinny, slim, etc.).

X-shaped morphologies: the lucky ones

women's trouser cuts

With a fairly slim morphotype, the X silhouettes have marked shoulders and hips. They are also lucky to have the waist highlighted. For these reasons, they can afford more cuts. Bootcut pants, wide pants, cigarette pants, boyfriend, mom, slim, flare, the only ones you should sometimes avoid are 7/8ths (especially if you’re petite).

Morphologies in 8: high waist at will

With a luscious silhouette, 8 body shapes have a bit of the same basics as X body shapes. They simply have more shapes. They can very easily flatter their figure with high-waisted pants, whether boot cut, skinny, right or cutting cigarette. One thing is certain, they should avoid low waists and cropped pants or 7/8th pants.

You now know everything about the art and how to choose a trouser cut. The next time you fall for jeans, winter pants or summer pants, think about it and remember these tips. You will see by trying that morphological advice really changes a lot of things when you follow it. They undeniably flatter the figure and the entire look!

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Which women’s pants to choose according to their morphology?
Each morphology has its ideal trouser cut! Silhouette in O, X, H, V and A, here is which pants are made for you. Tips and tricks for choosing…


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