Women’s push-up jeans: for whom and how to wear them?

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Lacking confidence in your butt shape? Do you want to highlight your curves with lift-effect jeans? You absolutely need push-up jeans to shape your buttocks subtly. You will probably be surprised by the rendering it offers and the beautiful illusion of a more voluminous buttocks that it manages to create. How to wear push up jeans according to your morphology ? Is it for you? This is what we are going to explain to you in this dedicated article!

What are push up jeans?

Push-up jeans are one of the trendiest cuts of women’s jeans right now. It is particularly designed to highlight the natural curves of women. Its fabric usually contains spandex and it is expandable. It is partly thanks to this and to the positioning of the seams, pockets and topstitching that it gives a push up effect to the buttocks! Indeed, on push up jeans, the pockets are strategically positioned to accentuate the volume of the buttocks. This is an excellent trick for all women who want a shapely buttocks à la JLo or for those who are complex about their flat buttocks.

These types of jeans exist for all morphologies and also make it possible to refine the silhouette or reshape it. In skinny, bootcut, flare, straight or mom versions, it comes in several classic shades such as raw, light, black or white jeans.

Accessorizing it is child’s play, since it’s a basic, just like our other beloved women’s jeans! Sneakers, heels, blouses, tank tops, shirts, crop-tops, everything goes with jeans!

How to choose your push jeans according to your morphology?

morphology push-up jeans

I have an X silhouette

Joy and happiness, as usual, you can wear just about anything. Of course, women’s push-up jeans are also made for you. Its slim fit will particularly flatter your legs by giving them a tapered look. As for your buttocks, they will be enhanced in a beautiful cut of women’s jeans push up at the tall !

I am luscious, I have a morphology in 8

Women with a figure 8 morphology have somewhat the same luck as those with an X body shape with more luscious shapes. Some may want to accentuate the bulge of the buttocks. This will be possible with straight push-up jeans (regular) at the high waist or with skinny jeans which marks the size well.

I have curves (morphologies in O)

Do you assume your curves perfectly and know how to make them an asset? Go straight for elegant straight push-up jeans.

My figure is V-shaped

Push-up jeans are particularly interesting for women who have a V-shaped morphology. Indeed, as the latter have wider shoulders than the thighs, it is recommended to rebalance the silhouette to obtain more harmony between the upper and lower body. The push-up slim version or straight jeans will give the desired effect.

I have an H body type

When you have an H-shaped morphology with the waist very little marked and the thighs and shoulders aligned, you must favor cuts of boyfriend jeans, straight or slim, or even skinny. Anything that can break the straightness and emphasize the waist is highly recommended! This basic rule also works with the push up which brings structure to the buttocks and the entire silhouette.

I have a morphology in A

A-shaped silhouettes have the opposite morphology to V-shaped ones. Their hips are wider than their shoulders. They must therefore favor tops with volume to rebalance their silhouette. For them, it is important not to choose wide jeans. On the contrary, you need slim jeans or at the limit straight jeans, and this is also valid with a push up cut.

You are now up to date with everything you need to know about push-up jeans. If it is a real ally for women who have flat buttocks, it is also for those who want to accentuate their shapes and a rounded buttocks. To each its own form! One thing is certain, in addition to being aesthetically innovative and structuring, it is ultra comfortable to wear. In a modern wardrobe, it’s a must-have that you absolutely must not deprive yourself of.

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Women’s push-up jeans: for whom and how to wear them?
Women’s push-up jeans are a great ally for those who want to maximize the curve of their buttocks. It allows to reshape the silhouette with buttocks..


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